Destiny 2 – How to Get the Heir Apparent & Class Act Triumph

Get this Exotic heavy hitter with the Guardian Games.

by Jess Menga
destiny 2 exotic heavy machine gun heir apparent guardian games rewards worthy season

Destiny 2‘s Guardian Games have rolled out with a new Exotic weapon, the Heir Apparent heavy machine gun. It features the Exotic intrinsic perk, Heavy Slug Thrower, which requires players to spin it up fully before it can release its powerful fire.

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Though this “perk” slows down handling and requires players to prepare ahead of time, it was likely included to balance the machine gun’s powerful shots. It also comes with the following features:

  • Corkscrew Rifling: Balances the barrel with slight increases in range, stability, and handling speed
  • Appended Mag: Magazine is built for higher capacity
  • Armor of the Colossus: While at full health, spinning up this weapon protects you with an Arc Shield
  • Combat Grip: Greatly controls recoil with a more vertical direction

To acquire the Heir Apparent, players must participate in Guardian Games activities after speaking to Eva Levante, the seasonal event vendor, in the Tower. She will send you on a small quest that will require you to visit Zavala and the Drifter before you can engage in any of these activities.

The moment you are able to see Eva’s vendor menu, you will notice the Heir Apparent under the “Gear” section, listed as the very first item on the page. If you hover over it, you will see that it costs 25,000 Glimmer and requires you to complete the “Class Act” Triumph.

Class Act Triumph

Head over to the Triumphs page in your menu, then select “Seasonal,” then “Events,” followed by the “Guardian Games” tab. Here you will find the “Class Act” Triumph, which will instruct you simply to complete any seven Guardian Games 2020 Triumphs. You can choose from any of the available Triumphs on this list:

  • Renowned: Earn laurels from Super, grenade, and charged melee final blows.
    • Laurels for your current class – 3 points
    • Laurels for other classes – 1 point
  • Great Deeds: Collect laurels from various activities.
    • Gambit – 400 laurels
    • Strikes – 500 laurels
    • Black Armory Forges – 600 laurels
    • Any destination/activity – 1,000 laurels
  • Gold Medalist: Redeem 30 gold medals.
  • Medalist: Redeem 75 medals of any kind.
  • Show Your Colors: Earn points by completing bounties.
    • Weekly bounties – 4 points
    • Daily bounties – 2 points
    • Additional/repeatable bounties – 1 point
  • Represent: Defeat enemies using abilities in Nightfall or Vanguard strikes.
  • Quintuple Threat: Redeem 1 gold medal from each of the following events:
    • Crucible
    • Gambit
    • Strikes
    • Destinations
    • Forges
  • World Class: Redeem 20 medals of any kind from Forges or destinations.
  • Guardian Gamble: Redeem 10 Gambit medals.
  • Embrace the Light: Get 25 Super kills in Rumble matches.

As of right now, completing and collecting the “Class Act” Triumph is the only known way to get the Heir Apparent Exotic heavy machine gun, so to be safe, you should get started on these Triumphs as soon as possible. The Guardian Games seasonal event lasts for a period of three weeks, from April 21st to the weekly reset on Tuesday, May 12th.