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Destiny 2 Has A New Loot Cave, Here’s How To Access It

by Jelani James


One of the hallmarks of the early days of the original Destiny was it’s loot caves. With little effort, players could farm an area and earn great amounts of loot in a shot period of time. It seemed that time was behind us in Destiny 2, but it turns out we were wrong: players are opting to eschew the vast expanses of space in favor of tiny little caves in order to farm loot.

This time around, however, things are a little different. The exploit focuses on grinding out tokens for this week’s Faction Rally event by running in and out of a cave’s back door to farm a respawning chest. As such, it’s not as effective as similar exploits from the past — players only have access to the loot available to a specific faction, rather than conceivably every item in the game.

Of course, regardless of its effectiveness, it’s still an exploit to save time and is worth doing solely due to the way Bungie has handled the token system in Destiny 2. Instead of allowing players to pick which item to spend their tokens on, the drops are given at random after handing said tokens in.

So, without further ado, here’s how to access this new Destiny 2 loot cave:

1) Head to the Lost Sector named The Weep on Earth’s European Dead Zone.
2) Shoot everything in the cave before looting the chest.
3) Run to the cave’s back entrance.
4) If you did everything correctly, you can return to the chest and find you can loot it again.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 ad nauseam.

Here is a video demonstration:

Getting a hang of the new Destiny 2 loot cave shouldn’t be too hard and it only takes about fifteen to twenty seconds to loot the chest once you get the hang of it.

Per usual, be aware that this won’t be around for too long as Bungie is known for patching exploits out of the game soon after they appear. The developer has only doubled down on its stance since the game and recently delayed the release of a raid in order to remove such exploits, only to relent momentarily after concluding that it wouldn’t be able to remove the exploit without damaging another part of the game.

As such, if you just want to be done with the Faction Rally and move on to something else, get in on this before it’s too late.

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