Destiny 2 – Shaxxercise, Knitting, and Ramen: Exploring Zavala’s Office

Where to find the "Shaxxercise" mixtape and other items of interest.

by Jess Menga
shaxx relax mixtape destiny 2 motivational zavala office secret

Attention Season Pass holders of Destiny 2‘s Season 10: if you haven’t yet made your way to Zavala’s office in the Tower, stop what you’re doing this instant and and get your Guardian over there. At this time, if anything is worthy of your attention in the Season of the Worthy, it’s exploring Zavala’s office, and not even necessarily to earn the Fourth Horseman exotic shotgun from Destiny 1, but for the sheer serendipitous value of the detail the designers at Bungie put into this space.

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You can access the office after accepting Zavala’s quest for the Fourth Horseman, called “In Rides a Pale Horse.” The Vanguard commander will at first hesitate to give you the keycard that will allow you to access the vault because the only way to get to this area is through his personal office, which he seems anxious and guarded about.

Yet, he believes that the Fourth Horseman, which is the weapon you’re tasked with searching for in the vault, is one of the only things that stands a chance against the hostile Cabal this time around. So he hands the keycard over with the quest, adding that he’s putting his trust in you to NOT go through his personal effects, but to simply pass through and grab the shotgun.

Of course, his adamance that you don’t go snooping through his office is all the invitation one needs to do just the opposite, especially when this office location has been concealed for so long and is just now coming to light. Let’s explore, shall we?

1. Shaxxercise Workout Mixtape

Bound to be solidified in Guardian memories and the Destiny archives as a classic, Shaxx’s motivational “Shaxxercise” mixtape naturally belongs first on this list. I’ve heard my sentiments echoed on this audio Easter egg being the single greatest part of the “In Rides a Pale Horse” quest because it’s a humorous and feel-good find that doesn’t require any grinding. And with COVID-19 still wreaking its havoc around the globe, we could all use someone like Shaxx in our lives.

To access it, hop onto the edge of the white table shown in the center of the picture above. Then jump up to grab the metal overhangs on the bookshelf, where your Guardian can pull themselves up. This may take a few tries, so be patient. Crouch and proceed to the left until you see a set of dumbbells and a prompt to interact with the mixtape. Activate it and get to dancing.

And if you really dig this jam, below is the full “mixtape” (and I describe it loosely as such for coming in at just short of 8 minutes) with Shaxx’s voice booming out motivational phrases to some adrenaline-inducing, morale-boosting electronic beats. Feel free to fire it up whenever you feel the need to get your Shaxxercise on during the self-quarantine, be it for physical fitness, mental fortitude, or both.

2. Newton’s Cradle

Like the mixtape, you can also interact with the Newton’s cradle on Zavala’s desk. It’s a nice little feature, but watching it move after activation simply isn’t as satisfying as moving your Guardian’s body to Shaxx’s words of encouragement.

3. Knitting or Crochet Table

You can find the knitting/crocheting table in the far right corner of the room from the entrance, by the window. On it there are a couple of knitting needles, yarn, and other crocheting necessities. It looks like Zavala might be afraid of being shamed for hobby, too, but when your job as Vanguard Commander is stressful and full of destruction, a relaxing and creative hobby such as knitting only makes sense. As Shaxx says in his mixtape, captioned in the image above, “You can’t fight when you’re that tense, Guardian… Relax more.”

Though Zavala doesn’t really advertise it, his hobby is actually nothing new for him. In fact, in D1, one of the announcements that would come on in the Tower would report, “All Titans interested in Commander Zavala’s crochet course should speak with a frame for more details.” Why this course wasn’t more class-inclusive is a different mystery for another day.

Next, we have three objects of interest below:


4. Trials of Osiris Relic

On the left, there is a Trials of Osiris relic and manuscript that can also be found on Mercury in the Lighthouse. It seems like a nod to Osiris having held the position of Vanguard Commander before the Speaker asked other Guardians if Osiris should be replaced by Zavala, since Osiris seemed more concerned with his own cult following and showed an alarming obsession with the Vex that led some to believe he would lead a Vex attack on the Tower. The Guardians voted unanimously in Zavala’s favor, so Osiris was exiled.

5. The Speaker’s Mask

The Speaker’s crushed mask reappears on the center of the same white table, which suggests Zavala may be a little sentimental. If you look closely enough, you can see that it is fused with gold.

6. Sword Base Model with Shield

The sword on the far right of the white table is more of a mystery, as it does not entirely resemble any of the swords we’ve used. However, it appears to be the same sword found in the Season of Dawn in two separate locations: near Saint-14 in the Tower’s Hangar, and at the end of the Corridors of Time, atop a grave with a Ghost shell:


It is currently unknown who that grave belongs to, but speculations are out there. One thing seems certain, though: designers wouldn’t place the sword on the same table as the Osiris relic and Speaker’s mask for no reason.

Saint-14 is surrounded by 16 of these swords in four bundles of four in the Hangar, with two of them pictured here:


Could it then be his grave? Or is it, perhaps, that of your own Guardian? On a side note, see that eye in the back right of the image? It’s one of three that move when you do. Is Osiris watching from a distance? This is all very mysterious.

7. Ramen Machine

Not nearly as creepy is a ramen machine, which can be considered yet another tribute to Cayde-6. Lots of tributes here, for sure, but this one feels lighter, like the Shaxxercise mix. You can find it on your way to the Vanguard vault. Check it out for yourself when you get started on that Fourth Horseman quest. And always remember, Guardians: be excellent to each other.

- This article was updated on March 30th, 2020