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Destiny 2 – Season of the Worthy: Weapons Guide

Weapons get nerfed, buffed, and fixed in Season 10's balancing act.

by Jess Menga


Patch 2.8.0 has been released with Destiny 2‘s Season of the Worthy, and it contains some serious weapon changes. Whether players agree with the modifications or not, Bungie hopes that the update can bring some balance to gameplay. This article covers the weapons that have been altered for Season 10.

Exotic Weapons

Izanagi’s Burden

  • Reload speed no longer affects Honed Edge’s animation
  • No Distractions now replaces Outlaw

The Last Word

  • While hip-firing, Fan Fire now adjusts the weapons’s precision scalar
  • Weapon impact values have been adjusted along with the following:
    • Decreased Precision Hip/ADS to 27/52.2 from 67.95/67.95
    • Decreased Non-Precision Hip/ADS to 38/38 from 50.01/50.01
    • Additional effective range (damage falloff) no longer provided by aiming down sights
    • Reduced stability for mouse and keyboard input
    • Improved target acquisition for this weapon when hip-fired
    • Reduced effective range

Fighting Lion

  • Increased rate of fire to 90 RPM from 72 RPM
  • Increased direct hit damage in PvE to 35 from 27

Devil’s Ruin

  • Fixed bug that allowed Pyrogenesis to proc at unintended times, which allowed the laser to fire repeatedly


  • Fixed bug that randomly caused the weapon to stop firing
  • Fixed bug that sometimes allowed the weapon to damage allies

Lord of Wolves

  • When active, Release the Wolves now significantly reduces accuracy
  • Reduced stability for mouse and keyboard input


All swords have been modified to make them more effective and efficient in combat. They are now measured by the following stats: Impact, Swing Speed, Charge Rate, Guard Resistance, Guard Efficiency, Guard Endurance, Ammo Capacity, and Energy.


  • When wielded, a sword’s energy meter replaces the player’s melee ability
  • A sword’s energy can now be consumed by differed sword-related actions and recovers naturally on its own


  • A player’s gliding ability can no longer be activated during sword attacks or other full-body melee attacks
  • Light attacks
    • Light attack strings on all sword sub-archetypes can now be looped infinitely
    • Light attacks for all sub-archetypes can now cleave to hit multiple enemies
  • Heavy attacks
    • Heavy attacks now consume sword energy to varying degrees, depending on the type of sword and the attack used
    • Full energy produces the strongest heavy attacks


  • Guarding now consumes sword energy rather than ammo, but a minimum of 1 ammo is required to use this ability
  • Some of the damage from sword attacks can now bypass elemental shields to strike a target directly
    • There are exceptions to this ability, such as with sword-generated projectile attacks

Sword Perks

  • Whirlwind Blade will end if the player using it starts guarding, and multi-hit attacks now only count as a single hit
  • En Garde now has damage bonus reduced from +50% to +30%
  • Shattering Blade now has damage bonus reduced from 3x to roughly 1.67x
  • Energy Transfer now gains less ability energy than before since guarding no longer consumes ammo
  • Counterattack had its activation requirements changed so that blocking an attack immediately after guarding increases damage for a short duration of 2 seconds, which has been decreased from 5 seconds

Supplemental info on sword changes can be found in this article

Grenade Launchers

  • Power weapon grenade launchers deal roughly 10% less damage to Major enemies and above
  • Aggressive Frame grenade launchers have become Rapid-Fire Frame grenade launchers
  • Rapid-Fire Frame grenade launchers now have increased ammo reserves, but have had their damage reduced by 0.8x to account for their increased Rate of Fire
    • Previously, Aggressive Frame grenade launchers fired faster than Adaptive launchers, though their damage was equal

Sniper Rifles

  • Damage to Major enemies and above have been reduced to pre-Shadowkeep values (~-20%)
  • Reduced precision multiplier for adaptive snipers from 3.25x to 2.95x
  • Reduced base impact for rapid-fire snipers from 100 to 90 damage


  • Target acquisition for non-slug shotguns has been adjusted to no longer account for precision locations (which could cause most of a shot to miss the intended target)
  • Cone angle is no longer adjusted by the Range stat, but on a sub-archetype basis
  • Aiming down sights no longer adjusts effective range

Fusion Rifles

  • Target acquisition for fusion rifles has been adjusted to no longer account for precision locations (which could cause most of a shot to miss the intended target)
  • Damage falloff for this weapon archetype can now floor at 0.5x, decreased from the previous 0.75x
  • Effective range and the impact of the optics stat for this weapon archetype has been reduced

Auto Rifles

  • The impact value of Precision Frame auto rifles has changed to 17/27.2 Default/Precision from the previous 17/25.5
  • The impact value of Adaptive Frame auto rifles has increased to 15.75/25.2 Default/Precision from the previous 13.75/22
  • The impact value of Rapid-Fire Frame auto rifles has increased to 13.4/20.1 Default/Precision from the previous 12.5/18.75

Weapon Perks

Backup Plan

  • This perk now adjusts impact to match the Rapid-Fire sub-archetype while active
  • Charge time is now set to match the Rapid Fire’s sub-archetype of 0.85 while active

One-Two Punch 

  • This perk now ceases upon swapping weapons or dealing melee damage

General Weapons Issues

  • Fixed an issue with emissive elements on One Thousand Voices and on weapon ornaments Summer Storm for Riskrunner and Jade Countenance for Fighting Lion
  • Fixed an issue that kept Multikill Clip active indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where killing Shanks with Lumina would not always generate a Remnant
  • Fixed an issue where Wish-Ender would deal more damage than intended upon shooting through specific objects
  • Fixed an issue where large amounts of the Lord of Wolves ornament, Packmaster’s Command, would disappear when standing next to a wall

This list is part of a series on the Destiny 2 patch for the Season of the Worthy update. Check out the rest of the 2.8.0 patch notes in this master guide.

- This article was updated on:March 11th, 2020

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