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Destiny 2 Synthstrand: How to Get Transmog Material for Ada-1

This material is easily one of Destiny 2's most tedious to obtain.


Synthstrand is one of the materials you need to farm in Destiny 2 if you plan to create cosmetic armor transmogs. To be perfectly blunt, the whole process is a long, tedious grind. Because of this there’s been some confusion as to how you earn Synthstrand, and what exactly it’s used for. The good news: technically, it’s easy to farm. The bad news . . . well, it’s time-gated.

How to get Synthstrand in Destiny 2.

Synthstand is used to purchase transmog bounties from Ada-1 in the Tower, both as part of the transmog introductory quest “Tying it All Together,” and thereafter. You’ll need 150 Synthstrand to purchase one transmog bounty, and you can only complete 10 bounties per class a season. Keep in mind your progress, and the Synthweave you unlock from these bounties, resets every season.

Synthstrand is earned from killing enemies, but there’s a catch. Thanks to u/alonie-homie over at r/raidsecrets and their tireless efforts these last couple days we now know that Synthstrand doesn’t just drop from downed enemies like other materials. It’s not that simple: this transmog-only resource will only drop from an enemy every two minutes.

That means, under optimal conditions in which you’re constantly in combat and getting kills every two minutes on the dot you’ll spend 53 hours and 20 minutes grinding to reach the transmog cap on a single class (thanks u/I3igB)! That’s assuming you are also running your transmog bounties under optimal conditions as well.

So, if you’ve been wondering why you have so few Synthstrand despite murdering legions of enemies now you know why; this Destiny 2 resource isn’t tied to a drop-rate, but a time-gate. Yep, it will take you 300 minutes to grind out the 150 Synthstrand required to purchase one transmog bounty. In short: work your way through “Tying it All Together” and you’ll start to slowly accumulate Synthstrand as you play. Have fun?

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.

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