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Destiny 2 Tying it All Together – How to Create an Ornament

Hidden behind menus... again.


One of the newest features in Destiny 2 with the beginning of Season of the Splicer is the ability to customize armor in new ways.  As is the way in Destiny 2 you will need to complete a short quest called “Tying it All Together” and you’ll need to speak with Ada-1 in the Tower.  In this guide we’ll explain how to create an ornament in the Tying it All Together quest in Destiny 2.

First off this quest is immediately available for Destiny 2 players and can be started by speaking with Banshee in the Tower, who will push you to speak with Ada-1 to begin this quest.  Ada-1 is located deep in the Annex of the Tower.  Speaking Ada-1 initially she will send you out to Europa to collect a piece that is needed for the Loom to function properly.  That mission in itself is fairly straight forward.

However, the next steps consist of Ada giving you a new material to use with the Loom that allows you to customize armor pieces.  That new material is called Synthweave.   At this point the quest asks you to create an Ornament to proceed.  While you might logically think that you need to interact with the Loom or Ada-1 to do this, you can actually complete this part of the quest in your menu screen.


Create an Ornament in the Character Screen

Once you’ve got the syntheweave materials you simply need to open the character menu and then open the appearance sub-screen.  This is done by either pressing down on the d-pad or pressing the S key.  You can also click on the toggle with a mouse.  Once in this screen you will see three options on the right side, the top one is a reddish square with a circle in it.  This is the appearance customization menu item where you can customize shaders and ornaments.  Enter the details menu here and this is where you need to be to create an ornament.  Simply select the armor piece in the Appearance Customization screen, click on it and then you can scroll through available ornaments.  You can then unlock/create them from this screen provided that you have enough of the synthweave to do so.


Bungie has traditionally hidden these things behind menus and if you’re not specifically sure where to look it can be a little bit frustrating.  Basically if you make it to the screen above you can simply click on the armor piece you want to create an ornament with and then unlock/create it by following on to the screen below.  Like other materials the hover menu will tell you how many pieces of Synthweave Plate you have and how many the Ornament will require to unlock/create.


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