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Destiny 2: Vex Invasions – How to Earn Powerful Engrams

The new event is more than a quest objective.

by Brandon Adams


Destiny 2: Shadowkeep recently added the Vex Invasions: a patrol event on the moon that, turns out, has powerful engrams up for grabs. Thanks to redditor u/RhinoSix79, we now know how to get those sweet, delicious upgrades.

Kill Hydra that spawn during Vex Invasions.

When the sky is consumed by a massive Vex portal a Vex Invasion is occurring. Under the portal will be an army of Vex and a gate lord. The key to getting the two available powerful engrams is to NOT nuke the gate lord. Instead, wait for two Hydra to spawn. Once the shielded baddies appear, destroy them, then focus down the gate lord. You have a limited amount of time to kill the gate lord before the event abruptly ends, but if you kill it in time a second portal will open within the same zone.


Go to this portal and repeat the process: wait for the Hydras, and murder them once they appear. Kill the gate lord before time runs out and a THIRD portal will appear, again in the same zone. Repeat this process once more, and if you killed all the Hydra a fourth portal, and an Overlord, will spawn.


The Overlord will be well defended, but a team of two or more guardians should be able to put it down. Get the job done before the Overlord flees and he will drop a chest, Vex Mind Components, and a powerful engram.

So far I’ve only received two powerful engrams total after running it four times: the first two attempts giving the powerful engrams and the last two giving standard legendary engrams. Looking around the community it seems that is the case across the board, so safe to assume you can repeat this event after the weekly reset for another two powerful engrams.

To think I thought Vex Invasions were pointless after unlocking Vex Offensive: shows what I know. Turns out it’s a part of the weekly powerful engram rotation, and a rather simple task to complete all said. Granted, the reset can occur and we could find out this was a one-time deal, but it’ll still be worth doing if you haven’t collected your engrams.

Keep an eye out for more Destiny 2 coverage, and until then: happy hunting, Guardians.

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