Does Dead by Daylight have a story mode? Explained

Does everyone's favorite serial killer simulator have a plot?

by Drew Kopp
Image: Behavior Interactive

Dead by Daylight has been delighting and terrifying players for over half a decade, and its once small cast of Killers and Survivors has grown into a massive roster that features some of horror’s most famous heroes and villains. The sheer scope of Dead by Daylight’s list of playable characters has led many to wonder what kind of story could bring these characters together under one roof. For all those wondering if they’re ready to face their fears and finally play the game, here’s whether or not Dead by Daylight has a story mode.

Does Dead by Daylight Have a Story Mode?

Image: Behavior Interactive

The simple answer to the question above is no; Dead by Daylight does not have a story mode. Since its launch in 2016, the developers of Dead by Daylight have generally focused more on refining the terrifying and addicting gameplay loop that’s made it so popular than they have on building an engaging narrative. However, while Dead by Daylight doesn’t have a dedicated story mode, it does have an overarching plot that can be explored by combing through in-game lore.

The details of Dead by Daylight’s in-game can be uncovered by playing The Archives, an alternate game mode that serves as a pseudo-story mode. While playing The Archives, which is almost exactly like the standard multiplayer mode, players can complete additional challenges issued by the Archieve’s mysterious overseer, “The Observer.” Once these challenges are completed, players will unlock more and more sections of chapter-specific Tomes, which reveal more information about the backstories of all of Dead by Daylight’s Killers and Survivors.

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What is the Story of Dead by Daylight?

While the contents of each Tome are tied to a specific group of Killers and Survivors, they all contain snippets of information about the origins and motivations of “The Entity,” the extra-dimensional being that appears out of the aether to snatch dead survivors off of hooks. Driven by an all-consuming desire to feast on the souls and emotions of human beings, the Entity is the one responsible for bringing Dead by Daylight’s Killers and Survivors into the purgatory-like realm where all in-game rounds are set in, gorging itself on the terror and hope the Survivors feel as they fight to stay alive.

- This article was updated on May 19th, 2023

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