Does Far Cry 6 Have Crossplay?

Strongest friendships in Yara.

by Ben Stroud


Well known for its open-world mayhem Far Cry 6, Ubisoft’s latest entry in the series, is no different. Having a paradise to explore by land, sea or air, destroying enemy outposts, or simply playing a game of dominoes is surely always more entertaining with a friend? Including Co-Op in each title since Far Cry 4, teaming up with a fellow Guerilla has never been easier. Fighting back against the nefarious Castillo control of Yara as a pair guarantees all sorts of bombastic outcomes. In summary, all of these points create the question: Does Far Cry 6 have any form of crossplay?

Does Far Cry 6 Have Crossplay?

As of this moment, unfortunately not. Ubisoft has not made any comment in regard to the possible implementation of crossplay being added in the future. Seems like the only possibility of Co-Op is within the same console family as of currently, if brought up enough by fans, it may happen to be added in a future update somewhere down the line. With the lack of crossplay available, it doesn’t take anything away from the standard Co-Op mode whatsoever. With the biggest Far Cry map to date, fans are going to have plenty to sink their explorative teeth into, for quite an action-packed future.


Having a friend by your side is still as fun as it’s always been. Far Cry 6’s three DLC items, based around previous villains, does include a free play system for a friend if you own the season pass yourself, which is always a great addition. There is, however, the added bonus of cross-generation play being supported. Meaning, there is no restriction on what generation of console your pals happen to play on, as long as they are under the same console roof, you are more than welcome to experience Yara together. At least with the added cross-generation support, there is still the possibility of Cross-Play itself, being introduced into Far Cry 6’s later content.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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