Far Cry 6: Should You Kill or Spare McKay?

Decisions, decisions.

by Ben Stroud


Depending on the approach and where you have decided to take your story in Far Cry 6, a decision will be given to you. Simply deciding if one of the main associates of the big bad, Sean McKay, is deserving of a bullet or not is completely up to you. Now, you might not be too concerned with the possibilities available to you if you are confident in your decision. However, for some, there may be a sense of consideration of what is best for their playthrough. Below are two breakdowns of the rewards received and both outcomes for the mission.

Killing Sean McKay

First of the choices available to you, killing Sean Mckay, and preventing him from returning to America. This isn’t the recommended option by your fellow Libertad member, Juan Cortez. However, you would see yourself rewarded with the “Canadians, What?” wrist piece, which guarantees all enemies killed by poison ammo will drop pesos shortly after.

If you are one with the poisonous elements whilst taking part in your Guerilla escapades, this is a great way of building and acquiring currency. If not, Pesos are still going to accumulate as a standard simply by continuing on with the game casually.


Letting McKay Live

If on the other hand, you decide your enemy doesn’t deserve to feel your wrath and you are not interested in the poisonous wrist item, you are more than welcome to spare his life. In doing so, you have been rewarded a hefty five thousand Pesos paycheck for allowing a member of the Castillo regime to live and leave Yara. Keep in mind also, Pesos are a large part of Far Cry 6 and with the right actions, are quite simple to earn. Completing missions and overcoming enemy-filled FND bases are just a couple of examples of how to build your currency up to a substantial amount for you and your playthrough.

In conclusion, whichever choice you decide to eventually take, there isn’t much of a shift in the story or a price to pay for your actions. The best possible route to take overall is assessing your options and decide which of the rewards are more beneficial to Dani and their goals. If like me, you hardly make use of the poison ammo available in your arsenal, the sum of cash may be more appealing for the long term.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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