Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

Does Minecraft Dungeons have cross-platform multiplayer?

by Diego Perez

Minecraft Dungeons is a blast with friends, but does it have crossplay? Minecraft Dungeons gets rid of the mining and crafting that the series is known for and replaces it with loot-driven action for up to four players. In our review, we criticized the game for its length, but we praised just about everything else the game had to offer. It’s a much better experience with friends, and many Minecraft players are already used to playing with their cross-platform friends. Minecraft Dungeons will eventually have crossplay, but it’s not as straightforward as other games.

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Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

Right now, Minecraft Dungeons does not have crossplay. The game will receive cross-platform multiplayer in a free future update, however. According to the official Minecraft Dungeons FAQ, “At launch you´ll be able to play online multiplayer with players on the same platform. Our goal is to let everyone play together regardless of platform, and we’re looking forward to enabling cross-platform play in a future free game update.” While the game will eventually get crossplay support, cross-save functionality won’t be included as “Save files and game progress do not transfer across platforms.”

Once the free crossplay update arrives, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 players will all be able to play Minecraft Dungeons together. As it stands right now, only players on the same platform can play together online. If you can get your friends together in the same place, then the game also supports up to four players locally as well. It’s worth noting that you currently cannot mix local and online multiplayer, although that could change in the future. The game is playable solo, but it’s way better with friends, and crossplay will make multiplayer accessible to a much wider audience.

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