Does Persona 3 Reload Include the Female Protagonist or The Answer?

Check out whether or not the contents of both Persona 3 FES and Portable will be present in Persona 3 Reload.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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After months of rumors, leaks, and mistakenly posted social media content, Persona 3 Reload was finally revealed to be debuting in 2024. But as the excitement for the announcement took over, many players also started to ask themselves if the new version will feature the additional content present in the Portable and FES versions. Now, here’s whether or not Persona 3 Reload will feature the Female Protagonist and Aegis’ The Answer epilogue.

Will The Female Protagonist and The Answer be Featured in Persona 3 Reload

As revealed by the game’s producer Ryota Niitsuma, in an interview for IGN, Persona 3 Reload will not feature any of the additional content present in the Portable and FES versions. This means that the game will only feature the male version of the protagonist (Makoto Yuki) and Aegis’ The Answer epilogue will not be present in it.

According to Niitsuma, the reason for that lies in the fact that the basic concept behind Persona 3 Reload was to remake the original game. He also revealed that the developing team was entirely focused on recreating the original experience. You can check out the first trailer for the game, below:

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It’s important to point out that although you can play with the female protagonist (Kotone Shiomi) on the recently released modern console port of Persona 3 Portable, the game does not feature The Answer, which is available exclusively on the FES version.

Will the FES and Portable Content Ever be Added to P3 Reload?

There’s currently no news regarding whether the Persona 3 Portable and FES content will ever come to Reload.

With that said, although we do not believe the female version of the protagonist will be introduced in the game, given the fact that she is not present in the original FES version, we do think that there’s a real possibility of The Answer being released, either as a DLC or as part of Reload’s definitive version.

- This article was updated on June 11th, 2023

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