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Doom Eternal – How to Beat the Icon of Sin Final Boss

Doom Eternal's climactic conclusion.

by Diego Perez


It’s all been leading up to this. After fighting your way through Doom Eternal’s campaign, it’s time to take down the Icon of Sin. This giant foe is fought differently than everything you’ve been up against, requiring you to target specific sections of his body. It’s a two-phase fight that can take quite a while, so you’ll have to use everything you’ve learned to survive and finish the game. This is how to beat the Icon of Sin boss in Doom Eternal.

How to Beat the Icon of Sin Boss in Doom Eternal

The Icon of Sin final boss fight is split into two parts. The first of which involves you removing all eight pieces of armor protecting the massive beast’s body. It’s not strictly a one on one fight, though, as the hordes of Hell will keep throwing themselves at you while you contend with the Icon of Sin. Everything from Arachnotrons to Hell Knights will attempt to impede your progress, but that’s okay because the arena is filled with ammo and health pickups as well as chainsaw fuel and energy for your Crucible sword. If any elite demons are giving you a hard time, don’t be afraid to use your sword. There’s enough ammo lying around to allow for liberal sword usage.

To take down the Icon of Sin, you’ll need to destroy all eight pieces of armor protecting its body. The armor pieces you’ll need to target are as follows:

  • Head
  • Left Chest
  • Right Chest
  • Upper Right Arm
  • Lower Right Arm
  • Upper Left Arm
  • Lower Left Arm
  • Stomach

To destroy these, just pelt them with as much gunfire as possible. They each have a lot of health, so keep delivering sustained damage to get rid of them quickly. Once you’ve done enough damage, the armor piece will shatter, and at this point, it’s time to move on to the next piece. Shooting the exposed flesh under a shattered armor piece will not do any damage, so don’t waste your ammo shooting the fleshy bits. The main threat here is the demons on the field with you, but the Icon of Sin will still try to attack you. Keep an eye on it and watch for its slow, telegraphed slams and punches as well as the handful of ranged attacks it can send your way. Once you destroy all eight pieces of armor, it’s time to move onto the second half of the fight.

The second phase of the fight is exactly the same as the first, albeit in a different arena. The same rules apply here. Destroy the eight body parts and the fight will end. Just like before, shooting at an already destroyed body part will do no damage, so focus your fire on different areas of the Icon of Sin’s body. His attack patterns will remain the same, so watch out for the big punches and th occasional ranged attack. Use your sword to cleave any demons in your way, go for glory kills or flame belch kills if your health or armor is low, and frequently make use of your chainsaw to top off your ammo counts.

After whittling down the Icon of Sin’s health bar a second time, a brief cinematic will play, and the Doomslayer will finish off the beast for good. At this point, you’ve officially beaten Doom Eternal! The credits will roll shortly after the cutscene.

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