Doom Eternal – How to Get the Crucible Sword

Elevate your melee combat.

by Diego Perez

Doom Eternal may offer a wide array of powerful guns, but it also includes a few awesome new melee abilities like the Crucible sword. The sword functions a lot like the chainsaw, except it doesn’t provide any ammunition upon kills. Instead, it’s used to eliminate demons from the battlefield with one strike, cleaving them in two with a single clean cut. The Crucible sword is obtained very late in Doom Eternal’s campaign, so you’ll only get to use it during the final few levels of the game. However, mission select and master levels are great opportunities to try out the sword and other cool weapons in a variety of scenarios. This is how to get the Crucible sword in Doom Eternal.

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How to Get the Sword in Doom Eternal

The Crucible sword is obtained in the Doom Eternal’s ninth mission, Taras Nabad. In this mission, the Doomslayer returns to the ancient Sentinel city to reclaim the sword that he left behind long before the events of the game. The sword rests in the heart of a fallen Titan, and that’s where you’ll be headed when you start the mission. It’s obtained as a part of the mission, so it’s impossible to miss. Just play through the mission and follow the objective markers and you’ll get the Crucible sword in no time.

Taras Nabad can prove to be very challenging for some, especially on higher difficulties. Dealing with the recently introduced Marauder demons can take some getting used to, but if you keep at it, you’ll push through and obtain the weapon. The Crucible sword works like Doom Eternal’s chainsaw, only it doesn’t give you any ammo when you use it. You can equip it by pressing right on the D-pad and swing it with the right trigger. It will kill most enemies with one swing, but some enemies, like the aforementioned Marauder, won’t be affected by it. Unfortunately, you can only carry enough energy for three uses, so be sure to use it only when needed. Ammo can be found lying all over the place, though, especially in the final few missions, so you’ll be able to use it more than you might think.

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