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Doom Eternal Mission Select – How to Replay Missions

Revisit your favorite levels.

by Diego Perez


Doom Eternal is filled to the brim with fantastic levels, and there are bound to be a few favorites that you’re dying to replay. However, the method of replaying missions in Doom Eternal isn’t the clearest, and you can find yourself wandering around the Fortress of Doom and looking through several different menus just trying to find the option. That’s not your fault, though. Mission select is in a weird spot in Doom Eternal, and it’s entirely missable if you don’t know where to look for it. This is how to replay missions in Doom Eternal.

How to Replay Missions in Doom Eternal

To replay missions in Doom Eternal, you first need to locate the mission select screen. The mission select screen is not tucked away in a menu somewhere, but rather in the Fortress of Doom hub that you return to in between missions. To find it, head to the command center at the front of your ship where you normally spawn in. Facing the giant window, look to your right. There should be a screen with the words “mission select” on it. Interact with this screen to bring up a list of available missions to replay.

When replaying a mission in Doom Eternal, you can activate cheat codes to spice things up. These cheat codes range from infinite ammo to unlocking all Runes, and there’s no penalty to using them, so you can clean up any missing collectibles, achievements, or trophies without worrying all too much about combat. You can’t use cheat codes when taking on Slayer Gates, though. You’ll have to deal with those yourself. Also, even though you unlock it on your first run through a level, you’ll have to reach the end of a mission yet again to unlock fast travel, which is unfortunate if you’re trying to quickly access a specific part of a level.

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