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Doom Eternal – 5 Slayer Gate Tips That Will Help You Survive

Tackle the game's toughest challenges.

by Diego Perez


Although Doom Eternal can already be a pretty challenging game, Slayer Gates are the absolute toughest challenge the game has to offer. These optional encounters pit you against the game’s toughest demons in extremely high numbers, requiring an immense show of strength and strategy just to come out alive. These challenges are so tough that there are only six of them throughout the entirety of Doom Eternal’s fairly lengthy campaign, and completing all six of them will reward you with the game’s rarest and most powerful weapon. Completing a Slayer Gate rewards those who emerge victorious with Empyrean Keys, the method of unlocking said weapon. Understandably, a lot of players struggle with some of the Slayer Gates, so here are some tips to help you survive Doom Eternal’s Slayer Gates.

Stay on the Move


Mobility is key in Doom Eternal, and that is even more true when it comes to Slayer Gates. Especially on higher difficulties, enemy attacks will take away huge chunks of health, so you’ll want to avoid getting hit as much as possible. Stray Imp fireballs and other projectiles have a much greater chance of connecting with you if you’re standing still, so utilize the Doomslayer’s immense speed and agility to constantly outmaneuver your opponents. Stay airborne when possible and use your dashes when you can. The more you move, the likelier you are to survive. Keep tabs on health and armor pickups so you know where to retreat to when things get hairy.

Use Flame Belch Frequently


Glory kills are the primary means of healing in Doom Eternal, but they only give health, not armor. Tons of Doom Eternal players ignore the Flame Belch ability, which complements the glory kills by topping off your armor instead of your health. Not only does Flame Belch refill a valuable resource, it’s also a great crowd control tool that excels at clearing large groups of weaker demons. Killing any burning enemy will cause them to explode with armor pieces, which could very well save your life in a Slayer Gate. With this tool, you can essentially turn large crowds into armor generators, popping them like flaming piñatas whenever you need a little pick me up.

Upgrade Your Gear


Sometimes, you’re just not quite cut out for the job. That doesn’t mean the task is impossible. It just means you’re ill-prepared. Thankfully, Doom Eternal features several methods of improving your skills and abilities so you can come back even stronger. Make sure you have the best Runes equipped for the situation, and go out and find some Sentinel Crystals to increase your maximum health, armor, and ammo capacity. You might as well install some Praetor Suit upgrades while you’re at it, too. These upgrades will give you the extra edge you need to dominate the demonic hordes in whatever Slayer Gate is giving you trouble.

Constantly Swap Weapons


Once you get your hands on all of Doom Eternal’s weapons, it’s easy to stick with your favorite. Sometimes, it’s hard to swap off of the Super Shotgun. Still, making use of your entire arsenal is paramount to survival in Doom Eternal, so make sure you’re switching between all of your weapons frequently. Each weapon in Doom Eternal excels at a different purpose, and while you can diversify some weapons with certain weapon mods, one weapon cannot handle every situation. Use the Rocket Launcher to quickly dispatch tough demons that are giving you a hard time. The Heavy Cannon and Ballista are perfect for taking out those long-range annoyances. Shotguns are wonderful for close-range fights. Keep juggling weapons and you should be fine. Throw in a chainsaw or two for good measure.

Come Back Later


Sometimes, you’re just not in the right headspace for a Slayer Gate. Just like in a puzzle game, relentlessly throwing yourself at a challenge can lead to diminishing results, and you might be able to clear it on your first try if you just come back later. Also, if you’re underequipped, you can take some time to go acquire some upgrades and new weapons before giving a Slayer Gate another shot. Continue on with the campaign. Learn some new tricks and practice what you already know. The extra experience can come in handy when you return. All in all, sometimes it’s best to just walk away from a Slayer Gate and return with additional knowledge and experience.


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