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Doom Eternal – Best Praetor Suit Upgrades

The best upgrades for your suit.

by Diego Perez


Like most other things in Doom Eternal, your Praetor Suit can be outfitted with various upgrades and enhancements. These upgrades are split into five categories: Environment, Frag Grenade, Ice Bomb, Fundamentals, and Exploration. There are a lot of upgrades to choose from, and Praetor Suit points can be difficult to find, so choosing the right upgrades early on is important. They might not be as game-changing as the weapon mods or sentinel crystal upgrades, but they can still make a pretty significant difference in combat and exploration. These are the best Praetor Suit upgrades in Doom Eternal.

Best Praetor Suit Upgrades in Doom Eternal


  • Thicker Skin – Immune to damage from barrel explosions.
  • Hazard Protection – RAD suit takes less damage from Toxic Sludge and Toxic Water.

Frag Grenade

  • Scatter Bombs – Each demon killed by the grenade explosion spawns scatter bombs.
  • Frag Stock Up – Fire twice before requiring a recharge.

Ice Bomb

  • Faster Ice Cooldown – Takes less time to cool down after firing.
  • Ice Drops – Damaging and killing frozen enemies will drop health.


  • Hit and Run – Dash refilled on Glory Kills.
  • Hot Swapper – Faster Weapon Switch and Mod Swap.


  • Slayer Atlas – Reveals the AutoMap Station location on the AutoMap.
  • Item Finder – Reveals the position of all progression items on the AutoMap.

Pair these suit upgrades with the right Runes, weapon mods, and sentinel crystal perks in order to get the most out of your playstyle and dominate the demonic hordes of Hell.

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