Doom Eternal – How to Get Flame Belch

This flamethrower restores armor.

by Diego Perez

As if Doom weapons couldn’t get any cooler, the Doomslayer in Doom Eternal is now equipped with a shoulder-mounted flamethrower called the Flame Belch, which can ignite groups of enemies and cause them to drop armor shards. That’s right, the Flame Belch not only does damage over time to burning enemies, but they also drop small bits of armor as they burn with a larger armor explosion taking place upon their death. It’s an important tool to have, working alongside your glory kills to keep both your health and armor topped off during combat encounters. The Flame Belch is obtained very early in Doom Eternal’s campaign, and it’s a mandatory upgrade, so you can’t miss it. This is how to get the Flame Belch in Doom Eternal.

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How to Get Flame Belch in Doom Eternal

The Flame Belch is obtainable after completing the game’s opening mission, Hell on Earth. Once you finish the mission, you’ll be taken to the Fortress of Doom, the game’s central hub area that you’ll return to after each mission. VEGA will inform you that there is something waiting for you at the 3D printer. Follow the objective marker to get the Flame Belch. For future reference, you’ll also repeat this process to obtain the Ice Bomb ability a little bit later in the game.

The Flame Belch is an incredibly useful tool to have in Doom Eternal. It’s just as important as glory kills, granting armor instead of health. Use it to set large groups of weaker demons aflame and finish them off for huge bursts of armor, or use it on a single elite demon as you pelt it with bullets to get a steady stream of armor to keep you alive just a little bit longer. Just make sure to use the Flame Belch often, as it can save you from some bad situations.

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