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Dragon Quest XI Guide: Laguna Di Gondolia Target Locations

The locations of all five crossbow targets in the Laguna di Gondolia.

by Jelani James

Laguna di Gondolia has a total of five crossbow targets for the Luminary to shoot. It’s likely they’ll be the first ones you’ll be aware of since you’re bound to the skip the NPC who tells you about this whole sidequest in the Gallopolis Region and learning it from the one here instead. Luckily, they’re all fairly easy to find save for one.

1. On top of a rock right outside the passage leading to/from the Gallopolis Region.



2. On one of the platforms in the middle section of the area.



3. Hanging from a tree above one of the walkways in the middle section of the area.



4. Beneath the bridge in the far right section of the area leading to the Grotta della Fonte.



5. On a rock across the water near the path leading to the  Grotta della Fonte.



Upon shooting all five targets, head back to only campsite in the area to receive four seeds of deftness.

Need to find any more targets? Head on to the next section, The Costa Valor. If not, head to the Luminary’s Tome to check out some other Dragon Quest XI guides.

- This article was updated on:June 8th, 2019

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