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Dragon Quest XI Guides: The Luminary’s Tome

by Jelani James

Oh brave Luminary, I swear to help you. So long as you read these guides, none shall defeat you…

Welcome to our assortment of guides for Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. Your quest to save Erdrea from the forces of evil will be a long and dangerous one; and though the game isn’t overly complicated and does a good job of explaining everything to you, there are still a few things that might remain a bit unclear. How do you use the Fun-Size Forge more effectively? Are there any tricks to take note of with the Character Builder? How do I find a specific item? No doubt these questions and more will arise during the course of your journey.

That’s where this set of guides come into play. By reading them, you’ll get a deeper understanding of a few game mechanics and even learn the location of certain items along the way. There are still some things you’ll need to learn on your own, but by reading everything below, you’ll certainly be better equipped for the road ahead.

General Guide

Beginner’s Guide – 11 Tips to Get You Started

Gameplay Explanations

Fun-Size Forge
Character Builder
How to Open Locked Doors

Character Guides (Potential Spoilers)


Crossbow Target Locations

Gallopolis Region
Laguna di Gondolia
The Costa Valor
The Manglegrove
The Emerald Coast
Zwaardsrust Region
Dundrasil Region
Small Islands
The Champs Sauvage
Sniflheim Region
The Snaerfelt

- This article was updated on:June 8th, 2019

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