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Dragon Quest XI Guide: The Emerald Coast Target Locations

The locations of all five crossbow targets at the Emerald Coast.

by Jelani James

There are a total of five crossbow targets at The Emerald Coast for the Luminary to track down and shoot. These are among the easiest to find in the game, but you’re unlikely to know there are even targets here to begin with due to how infrequently you’re required to visit.

Here are their locations:

1. Hanging from a tree northeast of the campfire at the edge of the map.



2. Hanging from the side of the shack on the jetty.



3. On a cliff on the western side of the area leading to the Door of Departure



4. Hanging from a tree to the left of the fork leading to Cobblestone Falls and The Kingsbarrow.



5. In the water north of the bridge leading into the larger section of the area.



When you’re done shooting all five targets, head back to the campsite to receive four Seeds of Magic.

Need to find any more targets? Head on to the next section, Zwaardsrust. If not, head to the Luminary’s Tome to check out some other Dragon Quest XI guides.

- This article was updated on:June 8th, 2019

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