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Dragon Quest XI Guide: Small Islands Target Locations

The locations of all five crossbow targets throughout Erdrea's various small islands.

by Jelani James

Whereas the Dundrasil Region had the most well-hidden crossbow targets, the ones located on the various small islands will be the most time-consuming to track down. There’s still five in total, but each one is located on a separate island and you can’t use Zoom to fast travel to any of them. Fortunately, they’re rather easy to find once you get there.

Here is where each of them are located:

1. (Insula Australis) Hanging from a tree on the southwestern part of the island.



2. (Insula Algarum) On the cliffs of the southern part of the main island.



3. (Insula Borealis) Beneath the bridge connecting the two islands.



4. (Insula Orientalis) On a plateau directly north of the pier used when entering the island.



5. (Insula Centralis) On a set of rocks behind the small building requiring the Magic Key to enter.



You still have some work to do after finding all five crossbow targets. Now you need to sail to the Insula Occidentalis (the western island, and only one without a target to shoot) and head inside the small hut to claim your prize: four pep pips.

Need to find any more targets? Head on to the next section, The Champs Sauvage. If not, head to the Luminary’s Tome to check out some other Dragon Quest XI guides.

- This article was updated on:June 8th, 2019

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