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Dragon Quest XI Guide: The Snaerfelt Target Locations

In terms of story progression, The Snaerfelt is the last place you’ll need to go to find your crossbow targets. Per usual, there’s five to track down — an endeavor that’s not too hard to complete thanks to their appearance lying in stark contrast to the snowy environment.

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Here is where they’re located:

1. On the right side of a rock formation near the southern passage leading to/from the Sniflheim Region.

2. Hanging from a tree to the west of the Royal Library.

3. In the middle of the western wall in the section right before the exit leading to The Arborian Highlands.

4. On the plateau to the south of the northern entrance/exit to/from the Sniflheim Region.

5. Hanging on a tree in the small area directly below The Royal Library.

Head over to the campsite after shooting down all five targets to receive four sprigs of Pretty Betsy as a reward.

If you’ve been following these guides, then these should be the last set of targets you need, so Zoom on over to Gallopolis for your reward. If you need help with anything else, head to the Luminary’s Tome to check out some other Dragon Quest XI guides.

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