Drake Hollow – How to Cross the Aether (Water)

How to survive while getting across the water/Aether

by Kyle Hanson

When you arrive in Drake Hollow the world isn’t looking too good. A blight has spread across the area, creating large swaths of Aether, which look a lot like water. This substance is dangerous and can lead to your death pretty quickly if you try to cross it. But getting across is the key to expanding your map and gaining new resources. So here’s how to cross the Aether (or water) in Drake Hollow.

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How to Cross the Aether

Stepping into the Aether the game will immediately indicate that you’re in danger. A timer starts counting down as the screen turns black and ominous images flash on the screen. You need to get out quick or you’re in for a quick death. Some gaps that have filled with Aether can be crossed simply by walking through, keeping a watchful eye on the timer. Others are too vast though, and you’ll need a special item to get across them.

The Aether Ward is the key, with the Aether Waypoint helping as well later on. For this guide we’ll focus on the first item though, since it’s easier to get and use and is less for long term growth of your Drake Hollow camp. This item will unlock through the main quest, so if you don’t know how to make it you likely need to keep pluggin away at those objectives. Once you hit a certain point you’ll craft and build a Curio Workshop where you can unlock the recipe and build them.

You should only need a few items, such as Glowstone Shards (see that guide for where to get them), so explore until you have enough and make a few Aether Shards. Each one will grant you 15 seconds of time walking in the Aether. Use them sparingly while you adventure though, since you don’t want to get stuck without one ready to go. But if you have them ready then you’re all set for how to cross the Aether (or water) in Drake Hollow.

- This article was updated on August 28th, 2020