Dying Light 2 Deep Cover: Where to Find Careen and Should You Lie?

Time to be a Secret Agent Man.

by J.T. Isenhour


Deep Cover is a side quest in Dying Light 2 that will have you tracking down a mole for the Peacekeepers called Careen. She had been deep undercover in a Renegade camp and has suddenly stopped giving reports to her buddies in the PK. Worried for their friend, two members of the PK ask you to go into the Renegade camp to find out what happened to Careen. The main issue with this quest is that you have no clue who Careen is in the camp, and it can be hard to tell her apart from regular enemies in Dying Light 2. Let’s go over where you can find her.

Where is Careen and What Answer Should You Give the Peacekeepers

As you are running away from a nearby Evacuation Convoy, which is a great place to farm batteries, you may hear two Peacekeepers talking to each other on a rooftop. Climbing up and talking to them, they will ask you to go check on Careen who is spying on the Renegades. They give you a fake pass so you can get inside the camp and tell you a code phrase to say to her to find out who she is.

It should be an easy in and out job, after all the Renegades hardly have any female members so picking one out of a crowd should be easy. So you walk up to this abandoned gym turned Renegade camp and get let in. If you were to use your survivor sense, you should see any women in the area marked in green. Talking to the one near the entrance on the first floor will show that she is no Careen.


Going up to the second floor and you will find nothing other than a locked door near the stair and a few random Renegades. On the third floor, you will be asked by two Renegades which kind of underwear you wear and then you can find another woman leaning up against a vending machine. You will need to talk to her to progress the quest, but this isn’t Careen.

After talking with her, the PKs will radio you saying that the guards know you had a fake pass and are going to hunt you. This starts a minute timer to find Careen. You will need to go back to that locked door on the second floor next to the stairs. This door will be open now and you can go inside.


These rooms are pitch black so you will need to turn on your light. After navigating a few rooms you will find a woman standing next to a candle, this is Careen. You will talk to her and find out the reason she stopped reporting in is that she fell in love with a Renegade and wants to leave PK life behind.

She will ask you to lie to the PKs and say she is dead. After she asks this, you will get a radio call with great timing that asks if you found Careen. You are given a choice to respect Careen’s wish and say she is dead to the PKs or tell the truth and rat her out to her friends.


If you choose to lie and say she is dead, the PKs will express their grief that they let her die and thank you for your efforts. Afterward, Careen will give you some money and tell you a back way out of the building so you don’t get caught.

If you tell the truth, The PKs will be upset with Careen and tell her she may as well be dead. After the call Careen will be pissed with you and call in all the Renegades in the building to come to fight you. In order to leave you will have to kill both Careen and the Renegades.

Both options will reward with XP, you get more parkour XP if you lie as well as some money. But if you tell the truth you get more combat XP as well as anything you can loot of the bodies. In the end, the choice is yours and has no real change other than your rewards. If you need any more help with Dying Light 2 make sure to check out our other guides.

Dying Light 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released later in 2022.


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