Dying Light 2 Epilogue: Can You Play After the Story is Over?

Does the party actually stop?

by Charles Cleveland


Right before Dying Light 2 launched, we were told by Techland that the game would feature over 500 hours of content. However, there is still only one main story, and all good things must come to an end after all. That said everyone playing through the game for the first time is eager to finish the main story in its entirety. So, can you continue to play Dying Light 2 once the screen turns to black after the epilogue? The answer is…

Yes, you can keep playing Dying Light 2 after completing the final set of missions. That said a simple yes is a bit too simple of an answer for the complexity of continuing gameplay so let me go ahead and help you fully understand what will happen and how you can continue playing.

After the quest “Assassination”, you are then given the directive to “Find a way to your ride”. Once you have reached the quest marker you will realize that you were led to a door. When opened you will be given the following message as a warning:

Advancing the main story beyond this point will trigger the Epilogue. Make sure to complete any unfinished business in the city before continuing.


This will probably leave all players with the same question: What happens after the Epilogue, and should I really proceed? The answer to this depends on whether or not you are ready for the way the game will reset itself post-epilogue. Once you have passed through the door and complete the epilogue you will be allowed to continue exploring the city, fight enemies, and completing side-quests. While this may seem like great news for completionists or those who simply want to see a bit more of what the game has to offer that they had previously missed it get’s a bit more complicated than simply continuing gameplay. Minor spoilers follow!

If you keep playing after the Epilogue, time mostly rewinds back to just before the Epilogue begins, but with a few key differences:

  • Your GRE Access Key is back in your possession.
  • The game will continue to scale to your progress, both in difficulty and in loot quality.
  • The city of Villedor may have changed depending on the choices you made in the Epilogue.
  • You cannot replay the Epilogue – the quests are marked as complete in your journal.

This last point is important and will probably have completionists out for my blood because it was just said this would be good for them. So, while you can go complete all the quests and find all the items you missed previously, you will not be able to replay the epilogue and see all of the different potential endings. Fortunately, there is another way to experience the different epilogue endings and choices that can be made without restarting the entire game. You can join friends in multiplayer to see how their choices play out and see how the changes they made throughout the game affected their world and the various Dying Light 2 factions. Of course, this means you will need to friends or players who haven’t finished the epilogue yet and have made or will make different story decisions as you.

- This article was updated on February 16th, 2022

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