Dying Light 2: How to Save Damien – Missing Persons Quest

Here is your guide for the Missing Persons quest and how to save Damien.

by Noah Nelson


It doesn’t take much for you to realize that Damien might be the only good guy left in Dying Light 2. Saving him is the top priority. The Missing Persons quest is long and is filled with twists and turns. Here is how to navigate the quest and its many decisions and save Damien in the end in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 is filled with many tough decisions, both through dialogue and in-game mechanics. For instance, which skills are the best to unlock first? Or should I tell Carl I am a sheep or a wolf? For all of your


Dying Light 2 Missing Persons Quest

The quest begins with Damien telling you to meet some people for a job. Once you reach the spot, you’ll realize that it was a trap. The people there try to kill you but fail. As you go to leave, Damien stops you at the door and tells you that he didn’t know what he was doing at first and that he is trapped with no way out because this mysterious organization has his brother.

If you take pity on Damien, you’ll go and rescue his brother. If you choose to tell Carl about his either way you’ll end up tracking down Cliff, Damien’s brother. You’ll make your way to Devil’s Bridge to look for Cliff.

After traveling through a building with infected, you’ll find Cliff on the bottom floor. He will tell you that he isn’t trapped or kidnapped and that he is working for Waltz. And now that he has you trapped, he will send about six goons to kill you. Be sure to utilize the vault kick to impale the enemies on the spikes.

Once you’ve cleared out the attackers, you’ll travel up the way you came. Upon opening the door, the boss battle with Cliff will begin. He is relatively easy to take down if you block and dodge at the right times. After killing Cliff, you’ll return to the Bazaar to be informed that Damien is up in the church’s tower.

Dying Light 2 Save Damien

Make your way to the courtyard of the Bazaar and use the structures to climb up the building. Look for yellow indicators for a path up. After jumping, crouching, and climbing your way up to the top, you’ll find Damien who is ready to jump off and kill himself. This is where you need to choose wisely in order to save Damien in Dying Light 2.

No matter how you get to this point, there is only one dialogue path that will save Damien. If you choose to talk about his brother or talk about jumping, Damien will jump and die. But, if you choose to talk about life and threaten to jump with him, he will think twice. Then, in a three-second decision, choose to interrupt Damien and you will save him.

And that is how you save Damien in Dying Light 2. For more quest guides or general Dying Light 2 help, check out our other guides.

Dying Light 2 is available now PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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