Dying Light 2: Best Skills to Unlock First

From health and stamina to combat and parkour, here are the best skill choices when starting off in Dying Light 2.

by Noah Nelson


Dying Light 2 is finally here, and with a beautifully simplistic skill tree, we’re here to answer your question of what the best skills are to unlock first. Between combat and parkour, there are so many great choices. Here is your guide to picking the best skills to unlock first in Dying Light 2.

With the release of such a big game with so much to do, do yourself a favor and use Attack of the Fanboy as your source for all Dying Light 2 guides. We will be covering everything: quest guides, choices, survival techniques, and more.


Dying Light 2 Best Skills

As mentioned previously, Dying Light 2 has collapsed their predecessor’s skill tree into two branches: combat and parkour. Not only does this make things simpler, doing almost anything in the game will reward you with experience in one of those branches.

Picking the best starting skills will depend on what you like to do more. Odds are, you’ll love the parkour elements of Dying Light 2. If that is the case, you’ll want either (or both) the starting parkour skills. These will grant you damage reduction on big falls or the ability to grab on ledges after big falls. Both are very useful for people getting used to the parkour mechanics.

If you’re more into combat, picking the dodge stagger skill or the fall kick are two great options. We recommend picking one or going the parkour route first, but both of these skills are invaluable. Mixing it up with one stamina skill and one combat skill is your best bet when starting out.

Health or Stamina?

The harder question is when you collect enough inhibitors, what do you upgrade first? Health or stamina? To us, upgrading stamina first is highly beneficial as you’ll receive more maximum stamina and have access to more parkour abilities.

The way the skill trees work in Dying Light 2 is when you upgrade stamina or health the next row of abilities becomes available for the respected row. So, if you really want to unlock the wall run, you’ll want to upgrade stamina first. If you want better combat abilities, go that route.

No matter the path you pick, you’ll be finding more inhibitors to upgrade your health and stamina and getting experience for parkour and combat in the process. For more tips and tricks, you know where to go.

Dying Light 2 is available now PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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