Dying Light 2: Tell the Truth or Lie About Timur – The Princess in the Tower Side Quest

Should you tell the truth or lie about Timur? Let's find out.

by Noah Nelson


Dying Light 2 will have you making choices throughout, and one of those is if you should lie or tell the truth about Timur in the Princess in the Tower Side Quest. We will walk you through both decisions and what you’ll need to do throughout the quest. Without further adieu, let’s get to it.

Besides knowing whether to tell the truth or lie about Timur in Dying Light 2, there are so many other decisions that you may need a guiding hand for. That’s where we come in. We have many Dying Light 2 guides that range from which skills to unlock first to other quest guides like this one. We’ve got you covered.


Dying Light 2 Timur Decision

The Princess in the Tower quest is a night time only quest and starts by talking to Rose who stands on the balcony of a building. She will tell you that she is trapped in this building by her brother, Lowen. She wants you to find Timur, her true love, and tell him to come and rescue her.

After taking the quest from her, you’ll have the option to fast-forward to nighttime or just wait and do other activities while you wait for the sun to set. Either way, you’ll need to travel to a building with a couple of infected in it.

Once there, sneak past the infected and loot if you dare. You’ll eventually find the door. But before you knock on it, Lowen, Rose’s brother, stops you. He tells you that Timur is in there and he is turning. After understanding the whole picture, you’ll be left with the decision to either lie or tell the truth about Timur to Rose via radio.

Since Lowen asks you if he could tell Rose himself, if you choose to lie, you aren’t really doing the “bad” option. By choosing lie, you will lie to Rose saying that Timur isn’t here. Then, Lowen will thank you and leave to inform Rose of what happened. The quest will end and you will receive 750 combat XP and 150 Old World Money.

If you choose to tell the truth, Lowen will be upset, but inevitably the quest will end and give you the same rewards. Either way you choose, the quest resolves fairly quickly and you’re left with the weight of your decision, some money, and some XP.

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