Dying Light 2: Is There New Game Plus?

Can you restart your game overpowered in Dying Light 2?

by Shaun Cichacki


In Dying Light 2, you’ll find yourself spending countless hours slashing zombies, cracking safes, paragliding, and so much more. However, you may also spend a lot of time becoming a special treat for your foes, as you may not be properly equipped and find yourself overwhelmed by the horde.

Many games offer an option of New Game Plus, which allows you to start the story off fresh, but retain your gear, levels, and items from a previous run. Is Dying Light 2 one of those games, or is it something that may need to be added in the future?


Currently, as it stands, there is no option for New Game Plus in Dying Light 2. Some fans of the original game may be a bit disappointed by this news, as Dying Light did offer the option of New Game Plus, but it also did come behind a rather hefty wall of requirements to complete. To achieve New Game Plus in Dying Light, you had to complete the game at a full 100% completion rate, and if that’s the case with Dying Light 2, players may be in a bit over their heads as Techland said that you’ll be spending plenty of time in The City to fully complete this game.

However, the developer Techland has all but confirmed that it will feature New Game Plus in the future, as they are continuously pushing out patches for bug fixes, new features, and more. The first game of the series did receive quite a few patches and updates, and alongside that came New Game Plus. Dying Light 2 is a bigger, bolder, and more ambitious title than the first, and already comes much more stacked than its older sibling in regards to content, so we can assume safely that this highly requested feature will be on its way sooner than expected.

If you are in dire need of not only UV Light, but help when it comes to navigating the harsh world of The City, find any way necessary to survive on your way over to our helpful Dying Light 2 guides section. Or, you can just click on this handy link here, but that’s a little less exciting than maxing out your parkour and making your way over.

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