Dying Light 2 x Walking Dead: How to Get Lucille, Rick’s Hat, and More Items

Here's how you can kill zombies in Dying Light 2, The Walking Dead style, with iconic weapons like Lucille and Rick's Hat!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Techland and Skybound

To celebrate The Walking Dead’s 20th anniversary, the creators of the popular game series Dying Light are hosting a week-long event. The Walking Dead Event will consist of multiple challenges with various rewards, beginning on July 26th at 4 pm CEST and ending on August 2nd at 4 pm CEST. Here’s how to get Lucille, Rick’s Hat, and more during the Dying Light 2 x Walking Dead event.

Dying Light 2: How to Get Lucille and Rick’s Hat During The Walking Dead Event

Image: Techland and Skybound

In Dying Light 2, a new Personal Goal is introduced every day. These goals might require a player to use ranged weapons to take down enemies or dismember infected creatures. When a player completes a Personal Goal, they are awarded a unique Comic Cover that combines the aesthetics of Dying Light 2 Stay Human and The Walking Dead. These covers feature art by renowned Polish artists Marek Oleksicki and Łukasz Owdziej. Each collectible is only available on a specific day and corresponds to a particular Personal Goal. Players who collect all 7 Comic Covers can try to achieve the Collection Goal. Those who accomplish this task will receive The Walking Dead memento weapon charm as a reward.

How to Get Lucille in Dying Light 2

Image: Techland and Skybound

Dedicated fans have a chance at a unique prize, Lucille – Negan’s infamous barbed wire bat. However, only the most ruthless players can win it. To earn Lucille with its blueprint, you must complete the Weekly Goal of killing 850 enemies during the event.

How to Get Rick’s Hat in Dying Light 2

Image: Techland and Skybound

If Dying Light 2 Stay Human players can collectively defeat 160 million enemies, the Global Goals will be achieved, and all players will receive Rick’s Hat as a reward. This requires a genuinely ferocious effort from everyone involved, so you better get to slaying zombies now!

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What Does the Dying Light 2 Walking Dead Bundle Include?

Image: Techland and Skybound

Are you looking to finish your Walking Dead collection? Look no further than The Walking Dead Bundle, available for $7.99. The Dying Light 2 The Walking Dead Bundle includes Rick Grimes’ Outfit, The Walking Dead Paraglider, Lucille, Michonne’s Katana, and Negan’s knife, all symbolic of the comic book series. Additionally, all three weapons come with their blueprints, giving you a formidable arsenal to defend yourself against any enemy, living or undead.

- This article was updated on July 26th, 2023

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