Easiest Ways to Get Longshots in Modern Warfare 3

That's indeed a longshot.

by Alejandro Josan
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Whether you are the perfect marksman or you are attempting to complete some challenges, landing longshots can become a tricky activity. Here are the easiest ways to get longshots in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Easy Longshots

As you might expect, longshots are kills that any player can accumulate by defeating an enemy located at a specific long distance depending on the weapon you are carrying. Meaning that, if you are using a sniper rifle, then you would expect your enemy to be further away from you to count as a longshot than, for example, a handgun, or even a shotgun. For that same reason, here is a list of all the distances that will land you longshots, according to your weapon.

WeaponLongshot Distance
Marksman Rifles40m
Battle Rifles40m
Assault Rifles40m
Sniper Rifles55m

As you can see above, rifles are the most consistent regarding minimum longshot distances, so you better keep them in mind. The weapon of choice due to its accuracy will be the sniper rifle, but keep in mind the minimum of 55m to nail a longshot. Ultimately, it is up to you and your playstyle, so pick the weapon type you are most proficient in. But anyway, whenever you land a longshot, you’ll see a message that will confirm it.

Choose the Right Game Modes

While you can indeed land longshots on every single multiplayer mode (as long as it is a public match), two game modes will help you out a bit in your longshot adventure, one way or the other:

  • Ground War: If longshots are all about distance, then what could a mode that features larger teams and big maps mean? Well, success, of course. Use the big dimensions and increased population to your advantage and shoot away in peace, or war.
  • Hardcore playlists: While having no HUD active can be a bit disorienting, Hardcore mode will significantly reduce your and your enemies’ health. While that could mean trouble, using powerful weapons like the sniper rifle could mean that you can easily hit and kill enemies at a distance. Just remember that you will also get killed as easily as you kill, so don’t get cocky.

Choose the Right Scope

Image: Sledgehammer Games

A bit of visual help and mechanic help in the form of a scope will not only help you target the enemy at a distance but at times will also tell you how far said enemy is. For today’s objective – that is, landing longshots like there is no tomorrow – picking the right scope is ideal. Here are some scopes that will help you land longshots easily:

  • Angel-40 4.8x: With 4.8 magnification and a Target Range Indicator which allows you to see exactly how far the enemy is from you, getting this scope will surely become your priority. You can unlock this scope by leveling the RAAL MG to Level 6.
  • Raptor-FVM40: While this sniper does feature a very large sniper glint, the huge 13.0x magnification surely compensates for that con. You can unlock this scope by leveling the Victus XMR to Level 28.
  • XTEN Angel-40: The base version of the Angel-40, this scope will have the same Target Range Indicator but a less powerful magnifier. However, it will not generate a glint. You can unlock this scope by leveling the TAQ-M to Level 11.

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Be sure to go hardcore and shoot from a distance to land those longshots in Modern Warfare 3. If you are fast, precise, and a bit lucky, you will soon complete any challenges that will require you to land them and you’ll be ready to move forward.

- This article was updated on November 13th, 2023

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