What Are Recommended Weapons in Modern Warfare 3?

A pretty strong recommendation.

by Alejandro Josan
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With many activities to do in-game, Modern Warfare 3 now has some mild suggestions for us to continue unlocking content and optimizing our playthroughs. Here is an explanation of what Recommended Weapons are in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3: Recommended Weapons Explained

Each time you select your build during your Modern Warfare 3 playthrough, you will notice that each gun type will feature Recommended Weapons out of all the choices you can pick. Those weapons will be highlighted, their current level will be shown, and a huge orange “Recommended” tag will be printed all across the weapon tab. While you might think this is just a suggestion, the truth is that the “Recommended” tag is almost mandatory.

Every single Recommended Weapon that appears during the Loadout select menu does not necessarily pick the most powerful weapon in its category or your most used weapon based on previous matches. The Recommended Weapons tag is there to show the weapons that are tied to a specific Weekly Challenge, meaning that they are the only weapons that will help achieve a specific challenge’s objective. Failing to choose a Recommended Weapon will not progress any Weekly Challenge whatsoever. So, yeah, for its purpose, “Recommended” is pretty much “Mandatory”.

As you might guess, the Recommended Weapon selection will vary and rotate across the Modern Warfare 3 weapon list depending on which Weekly Challenges are currently active. Since Modern Warfare 3 just released to the public, you can expect the Recommended Weapons to be exclusively Modern Warfare 3 weapons, leaving Modern Warfare 2 weapons for possibly future Challenges.

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Pick the Recommended Weapon that is currently active in Modern Warfare 3 and keep completing your Weekly Challenges to unlock more MW3 camos for your weapons. I “recommend” you do it promptly before they reset!

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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