Easy Ways to Get Clean Kills in Modern Warfare 3

Clean kills, not easy kills.

by Alejandro Josan
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There are no easy ways to kill enemy soldiers. Except there are, and it involves pulling your weapon’s trigger. Here is the easy way to get clean kills in Modern Warfare 3.

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Modern Warfare 3: Easy Ways to Get Clean Kills

Sometimes we could all benefit from a little bit of explanation regarding Daily, Weekly, and even Camo Challenges in Modern Warfare 3 from time to time. Thankfully, trial and error continue to prove scientific theories and hypotheses, and also what exactly “clean kills” means.

After all, there’s nothing messier than gutting or shooting enemy Operators in a game where you can have multicolored assault rifles and shotguns. Well, to get clean kills in Modern Warfare 3, you will have to kill an enemy without taking any damage and having your full HP. Not even a fly can scratch you. There are some variants to these clean kills which are the following:

  • Suppressed Clean Kills: Land clean kills while using a suppressor.
  • Clean Kills while ADS: Land clean kills while aiming down sights.

Since this type of kill is entirely based on reaction time and encounters with Operators, I believe the best way to approach it from the get-go is to select the appropriate match type. While Team Deathmatch is fun and Free-for-All is madness, these game modes are unpredictable, and will oftentimes see you getting obliterated to the bottom of the scoreboard.

Therefore, I suggest selecting either Hardpoint or Domination since you will have a better chance of knowing where enemy Operators are located. Find a vantage point with a good look at choke points or capture zones and get rid of your enemies without taking any damage.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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While also being the hardest alternative, you can also play Hardcore mode for you to optimize your weapon damage output. Since the minimum amount of bullets is required to take down an enemy, this will heavily improve your chances of getting clean kills and all of its variants.

Just make sure to press the trigger first like Han Solo, because of course he did and I don’t care what George Lucas did with the remasters and re-releases. Anyway, good luck!

- This article was updated on November 29th, 2023

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