Elden Ring Golden Rune Values: How Many Runes Are in Each Type of Golden Rune?

Do you have change for 100 runes?

by J.T. Isenhour


You will end up with a plethora of golden runes in your inventory as you play through Elden Ring. This is great since golden runes are free runes that you can redeem at any time, and you don’t lose them on death. The main issue with golden runes is that they have no easily shown value. You never know how much you will get out of a golden rune unless you consume it. Once consumed, you have to worry about dying and losing the runes that it gave you. Let’s go over how many runes each golden rune type gives you in Elden Ring.

How Much is Each Golden Rune Worth in Elden Ring

There are a lot of different consumable rune types in Elden Ring. The golden rune alone comes in 12 different variants that each have their own value. You can sometimes farm golden runes but it won’t be as easy as farming blood roses. The values of each rune type are as follows:

  • Golden Rune [1]: 200 Runes
  • Golden Rune [2]: 400 Runes
  • Golden Rune [3]: 800 Runes
  • Golden Rune [4]: 1,200 Runes
  • Golden Rune [5]: 1,600 Runes
  • Golden Rune [6]: 2,000 Runes
  • Golden Rune [7]: 2,500 Runes
  • Golden Rune [8]: 3,000 Runes
  • Golden Rune [9]: 3,800 Runes
  • Golden Rune [10]: 5,000 Runes
  • Golden Rune [11]: 6,200 Runes
  • Golden Rune [12]: 7,500 Runes
  • Hero’s Rune [1]: 15,000 Runes
  • Hero’s Rune [2]: 20,000 Runes
  • Hero’s Rune [3]: 25,000 Runes
  • Hero’s Rune [4]: 30,000 Runes
  • Hero’s Rune [5]: 35,000 Runes
  • Lord’s Rune: 50,000 Runes

Each of the remembrances that you get from bosses also has its own value. The Grafted and Full Moon Queen remembrances are both worth 20,000 runes, the Regal Ancestor and Naturalborn remembrances are worth 30,000 runes and the Starscourge remembrance is worth the most at 40,000 runes. However, before you consume these for their runes you may want to go check what cool weapons or spells you can trade them in for.


One way to quickly see the value of a golden rune is to look at its sell price to vendors. This has always been a trick in the Souls franchise to quickly gain the value of these consumables without having to actually use them. This method still works in Elden Ring, you just need to find a vendor that you can sell items to and look at the value of the runes. If you need the runes at that moment you can sell them if you want or hold onto them so you don’t risk losing them. If you need any more help with Elden Ring make sure to check out our other guides.

Elden Ring is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.


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