Elden Ring: How to Leave Ranni’s Rise If You’re Stuck

Is this some sort of magic barrier?

by Diego Perez


After fighting your way through Caria Manor in Elden Ring, you will come across Ranni’s Rise and meet the incredibly important witch Ranni. While it’s exciting to meet all these new characters and take on a new quest, some players are finding themselves stuck in Ranni’s Rise and unable to continue their Elden Ring adventure. After choosing to serve Ranni, there is an invisible wall that is preventing players from walking back to Caria Manor, and fast travel is seemingly unavailable as well. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Here’s how to exit Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring

How to Leave Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring

Sometimes, when you try to leave Ranni’s Rise, you won’t be able to fast travel and you’ll be stuck behind an invisible wall when you walk outside. This happens after choosing to serve Ranni and she introduces you to her allies. Fortunately, this isn’t a bug, so you aren’t permanently stuck. All you have to do is go back and talk to everyone in the area, making sure to exhaust all of their dialogue options, and then you will be allowed to leave.

That means you have to have to speak to Blaidd, Iji, and Seluvis after talking to Ranni. Most people also miss one or two voice lines from Ranni, so make sure to climb back up to the top of the tower and hear absolutely everything she has to say.

Once you’ve talked to everyone at Ranni’s Rise multiple times, the invisible wall will disappear and you will be able to fast travel once again. This is a very strange restriction since Elden Ring usually doesn’t hold your hand with dialogue and character interactions, but Ranni, Blaidd, and the crew are all incredibly important to the story of the game.

Once you leave Ranni’s Rise, you can either keep doing the main story and continue on your path to becoming Elden Lord, or you can go and meet Blaidd at the Siofra River Well in the Mistwood to continue Ranni’s storyline.  Either way, there’s still a lot left to do in Elden Ring at this point, and you should get used to seeing some of these characters since they’re going to appear much more frequently from now on.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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