Elden Ring Volcano Manor Quest Guide: Where to Find All Request Locations

Check out where to find each summoning sign part of the Volcano Manor questline

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Volcano Manor guide Elden Ring

After accepting Tanish’s invitation and joining the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring, players will be tasked with invading and then killing three specific targets, which you do by first interacting with their red summoning signs. With that said, and to help all of those currently taking part in the questline, we will now tell you where to find each summoning sign part of the Volcano Manor quest in Elden Ring.

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Volcano Manor Quest Guide – Where to Find Old Knight Istvan’s Red Summoning Sign

After starting the Volcano Manor questline, you will be able to find the summoning sign of your first target, Old Knight Istvan, by heading to the Stormhill portion of the Lingrave area.

Once in the area, you will be able to get to the spot where you will be able to invade Old Knight Istvan by heading to the Warmaster Shack Site of Grace and then following the main path to the marked spot, located below the ruins of the bridge leading to the Divine Tower of Lingrave.

Where to Find Rileigh the Idle

After killing Old Knight Istvan, returning to Tanish at the Volcano Manor, and getting the second letter, you will be able to find the summoning sign leading to your second target, Rileigh the Idle, by heading to the Atlus Plateau region, more specifically to the bottom of a ravine leading to the Shaded Castle area.

Where to Find Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood

After completing the second task, you will be able to find your final target by heading to the Mountaintops of the Giants region, which will only become available after you defeat Morgott, The Omen King at the foot of the Erdtree on the Royal Capital, and receive the Rold Medallion form Melina. You will be able to find the summoning sign by heading to the Shack of the Lofty, located below a cliff on the other side of the bridge north of Stargazer’s Ruins.

After completing the task, just return to Tanish to unlock the final part of her questline and unlock the boss battle.

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- This article was updated on March 20th, 2022

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