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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 4 Patch Notes

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Odyssey Update 4 has arrived for Elite Dangerous, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Developer Frontier Developments plc has now released another new patch for Elite Dangerous today. It’s Odyssey Update 4 and it should be rolling out for the PC version of the game right now.

The developer already released Odyssey Update 3 and Odyssey Update 3.01 earlier this month. Well today’s new update is more of the same offering a lot of gameplay improvements as well as many bug fixes.

A lot of adjustments have also been made to the UI of the game as well. You can read the full patch notes posted down below.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 4 Patch Notes


  • Warning behaviors have been adapted for when the player is out of sight, to prevent AI escalating while the player is out of view.
  • Added a short grace period between AI warnings to prevent AI escalating to combat too quickly, if multiple warnings trigger at the same time.
  • Suppressed various “heard a noise” voice lines when the AI can see the cause.
  • Adapted the way some trespassing voice lines work to make them trigger more reliably.
  • AI that are criminals in the local system will now always be assigned to the ‘Pirate’ faction, to stop criminal factions being adversely affected within the BGS.
  • Fixed Hyperspace break not working for Supercruise Assist Module.


  • A fix for the Guardian knowledge base articles using TTS rather than the correct voice actor has been implemented.
  • Improved responsiveness of audio obstruction behaviors.
  • Small mix improvements have been made on some social space music details.
  • The classical music in Social Spaces now has a more consistent volume, so shouldn’t have a tendency to go very quiet as much.
    Streaming mode music cues now have a more consistent volume.
  • A fix for foley sounds continuously playing throughout certain humanoid animations has been implemented.
  • More optimisations have been made to weapon sounds.
  • Hopeful fix for spamming heatsink sound when a pulse laser or medium multicannon is cooling down.


  • A fix for clipping issues at Ram Tah’s base has been implemented.
  • Kit Fowler’s invitation requirement has been reduced from 40 Opinion Polls sold at bartenders to 20.


  • Fixed an issue where changing suit cosmetics or holo-me would not cause the loadout thumbnails to update.
  • The Bandages on the ‘Raider Suit’ liveries no longer appear to be glossy.


  • Fix for a crash that triggered when jumping into a Lagrange Cloud.
  • Fixed a crash occasionally encountered on the main menu.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when trying to view pinned engineer recipes.


  • Fix for clipping issues at RamTah’s base.


  • An issue has been fixed whereby powered down doors and airlocks, when overloaded, would open for the primary player but remain closed for other players in the instance.
  • Implemented the ability to sell stored modules on rebuy.
  • Added icons and information about engineered modules to the module rebuy and stored modules screen.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby deselecting a module on the module rebuy screen would have no effect.
  • Limited “distance travelled on foot” statistic to horizontal motion.
  • All Ship Launched Fighter commands have been corrected and should work properly now.
  • Fixed Super Power promotions not always being reported in the UI at the same time as the inbox message arrived.

Lighting & VFX

  • Lighting improvements have been made to the Megaship fighter launchbay.
  • A fix has been implemented to correct artifacts that could appear in bright explosions.
  • A fix has been implemented to correct artifacts that could appear in bright VFX within Thargoid Scenarios.
  • Explosions have been scaled down over distance to prevent some appearing to be over-sized.
  • A fix has been implemented for Steam sometimes appearing excessively at the main menu.
  • Thargoid Fog has been fixed/improved.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the Dropboxes.
  • Visual improvements have been made to emissive textures on installations.
  • A fix has been implemented to correct reflections sometimes flickering within a Settlement Room.


  • Fixed Larceny missions not being completable in systems without a criminal faction.
  • Fixed Ram Tah’s Guardian missions displaying the transaction panel information incorrectly.
  • Secondary players will now be able to open completed missions directly from a terminal, instead of having to enter the mission board first.
  • The delivery mission flow has been updated to automatically transition to the depot on acceptance.
  • The delivery mission flow has been updated to automatically transition to reward selection on completion.-
  • An issue has been fixed whereby on occassion, mission loot was being overwritten by a second joining client.


  • Occlusion culling performance optimisations have been made.
  • Optimisations to the scatter system have been made.
  • Optimisations to terrain rendering have been made.
  • Reduced occasional frame spikes caused by AI.
  • Fixed culling of ships between room geometry islands.


  • A fix has been implemented for fine textures sometimes not loading on planet surfaces.


  • A fix to the FSS Scanner has been implemented – this includes improvement to both lighting and any missing render elements on stars and atmospheres.
  • A fix has been implemented for the mouse cursor bounds when in cinema HMD mode.
  • Skybox and Galaxy Background has been updated to be more vibrant, and to closer match Horizons.
  • Texture and Visual Improvements to the Guardian Beacon have been made.


  • Fixed some bookmarks not always being tagged as favourite.
  • Fixed some superpower bounties not always increasing correctly
  • Fixed some Galnet audio files not being available.
  • Balanced more faction simulation consequences to have less extreme effects on faction Economy & Security and the overall rate of change for a star system.
  • Fixed a transaction server error that occurred when disembarking wearing a customised flight suit.

Settlements (new for Odyssey)

  • A fix has been implemented to bring a slightly floating terminal in an Outpost Concourse back down to its rightful position at ground level.
  • A fix has been implemented for a LOD on a sloped wall piece.
  • FUI screens added to Settlement lobby.
  • A fix has been implemented to bring a floating turret gun down to ground level.
  • A fix has been implemented for terrain clipping through the back of a room in an industrial settlement.
  • A fix has been implemented for terrain clipping through the the corner of a room in an Agricultural Settlement.
  • A fix has been implemented for a panel that displayed upside down.
  • A fix has been implemented for z-fighting that could be seen on a Chemical prop.
  • A fix has been implemented for atmospheric control panels disappearing when approached in an Industrial Building.
  • A fix has been implemented for production units sometimes not appearing in an Agricultural building.
  • Fixed misaligned windows in a couple of buildings.
  • Corrected windows being used in place of walls in an Extraction Building.

Settlements (legacy)

  • A fix has been implemented to return a floating crate to the ground on a small landing pad surround – materials also improved.
  • Improvements have been made for emissive materials on lampposts.
  • A fix has been implemented to ground some floating gas tanks at various locations.
  • Further fixes to some floating props at Legacy base locations have been implemented.
  • Multiple fixes to the planet port city dome have been implemented, including some to materials and decals.
  • A fix has been implemented for incorrectly sized stripes on a small modular hangar.
  • A fix has been implemented to ground unintentionally floating structures at various legacy settlements.

Social Spaces

  • Damaged and Under Repair Stations will contain concourses with opaque shutters, as they are not accessible under these conditions.
  • Fixed placement of various NPCs in the starport concourse.
  • Made players invulnerable in non-combat environments (ie: hangars and social spaces).

System Map

  • A fix has been implemented for an artefact that appeared on the Apex radar UI screen.
  • The stored hyperspace route is now cleared when switching between ships at the Shipyard or Inter Astra Vendor.
  • Fixed the next destination on the plotted hyperspace route not being auto-targeted when entering supercruise.


  • A fix has been implemented for an issue that prevented players accessing the Thargoid imprint on foot.


  • Livery UI – New Packs category added which is created whenever the store data has packs available.
  • Livery UI – The Packs category is now the only place we display packs as “packs” i.e. something you select to open up and browse inside.
  • Livery UI – In the Packs category you can equip multiple owned items without having to select a specific slot (it finds the first compatible & available one).
  • Livery UI – In the Packs category we have the concept of “sticky” previews allowing you to maintain a preview, even after moving focus and multiple of these can be set at once, if they affect different slots e.g. sticky previewing a full suit or ship kit set.
  • Livery UI – Slots still exist for livery (apart from weapons) and this flow is largely the same except that items inside the slots are extracted out of their packs and displayed at the top level, avoiding the players having to get in or out of packs to see compatible items.
  • Livery UI – The slots item browser no longer exits automatically after equipping an item.
  • Livery UI – Added player notifications for ‘livery equip’ and remove transactions.
  • Livery UI – Refreshing the commander loadout data resets the thumbnail data to ensure accuracy of representation.
  • Livery UI – When customising a weapon, the player will go straight to the paintjob browser without having to select a (unique) paintjob slot.
  • MapUI – If a bookmarked object is selected, then the “Add to Bookmarks” button will now turn into a “Remove Bookmark” button.
  • MapUI – When renaming a bookmark in Bookmark Management, the edit field now contains the name of the bookmark.
  • MapUI – Bookmark Notifications will now show a bookmark-specific icon, and includes the name of the bookmark.
  • MapUI – Fixed an issue in the Bookmark Management popup that would allow the camera to be moved while the popup was on.
  • MapUI – Fixed an issue that would cause the Bookmark Management popup to close almost immediately after it was opened.
  • MapUI – Added a new “Favourites” tab in the bookmarks.
  • MapUI – The “Hold to Plot Route” tooltip for bookmarks/missions/ships will now appear when the button is focused, instead of when being selected.
  • MapUI – POI buttons in the system map now have the “Hold to plot route” mechanic.
    MapUI – When using ‘QuickRoute’ to a location in the system you are currently in, it will now target that location.
  • MapUI – Added a notification for when a plot is routed and when a plot is cancelled.
  • MapUI – POIs are now sorted alphabetically.
  • MapUI – Odyssey POI buttons are now HUD-Blue.
  • MapUI – “Set Destination” has been renamed to “Plot Route”. The Plot Route button is now gold.
  • MapUI – The System Information panel will now be opened by default when opening the system map.
  • MapUI – If there is only one result found in the search bar, pressing select will then take you straight to the location, closing the search bar.
  • MapUI – Pressing the “Next” button in the galaxy search bar will now hide the item list. An issue here has been fixed involving returning from the System Map and using the search bar.
  • MapUI – Fixed the “Next” button (search bar) remaining unselectable even when the player would select an item from earlier on in the list. Focus issues have also been fixed here for when focusing the search bar with controller input.
  • MapUI – When closing the market information panel on the right hand side panel (or switching to a different panel), the map view filter will revert to the previously chosen filter, instead of remaining on the commodity filter.
  • MapUI – Fixed scrollbar interactions in the Market panels, the checkbox filter panels and the Options panel.
    MapUI – The Powerplay Info Panel in the Galaxy Map will now show a string displaying the current powerplay state (exploited, controlled, contested, etc).
  • MapUI – Fixed an issue where clicking underneath a panel would not deselect/select an object in some cases.
  • MapUI – Holding a directional input will no longer stop at the separators on the left and right hand sides.
  • MapUI – When in the system map using the mouse, you no longer need to click off the UI to unfocus it – you can now hover/select objects immediately.
  • MapUI – Added a “Trade Data” section for Market objects in the right hand side Features panel.
  • MapUI – Fixed a general localisation issue.
  • MapUI – Updated the Planet Details icon in the Planetary Map UI
  • MapUI – Added a new button to the filter panels to toggle all of the items, apart from the “Apply Filter to Route” toggle.
  • MapUI – Improved the visibility of the focused star labels in the Galaxy Map.
  • MapUI – Improved mouse focus input in the Galaxy Map.
  • MapUI – Fixed Astronomical Information from popping when selecting a new system.
  • MapUI – Updated labels for the titles when viewing squadron bookmarks.
  • MapUI – Added a notification for when the Trending Trade Data is acquired.
  • MapUI – When opening the planetary map, the planet info panel (on the left hand side) now opens by default.
  • MapUI – The galaxy map services filters now correctly listens to the hide server configuration flag.
  • MapUI – Missions that do not have a specified location in the system map will no longer focus the system’s star / an invisible object.
  • MapUI – Improvements to the stability of the System Map have been made.
  • MapUI – Fixed an issue whereby planetary information buttons appeared disabled/greyed out.
  • MapUI – Fixed Nebulas not appearing in search results.
  • MapUI – Selecting a nebula in the galaxy map search results will now move the camera to the location, without trying to display it’s details as a star system.
  • MissionUI – Updated Community-Goal related icons to use a higher fidelity icon.
  • Adjusted location and size of discard/abandon iconography in transactions entries, both for the on-foot transactions panel as well as cockpit transaction panel.
  • On-Foot Engineer UI – Upgraded Mod images are now tinted yellow instead of green.
  • Added credits balance to on-foot engineer mod browser screen and fixed an issue where the credits balance wouldn’t update.
  • Implemented minor layout changes in on-foot engineer UI.
  • Removed weapon DPS from on-foot engineer UI, which is no longer used and was disrupting the mod info layout.
  • Fixed “mod applied” box not being displayed after installing a mod in on-foot engineer UI.
  • Fixed mod slot status not being set in the weapon menu item renderer in on-foot engineer UI.
  • Updated item button state in the livery to be gold when equipped. Also added the preview mode icon to the item renderers.
  • Added a new ‘buy pack’ button when browsing a pack in livery/cosmetic store.
  • Added the following to Livery
  • A new category enum for packs
  • Ability for gameplay to grey out categories.
  • Updated previewing icons for items and universal icon for owned ships/suits/weapons.
  • Added sticky preview and focus preview icons to Livery.
  • Fixed an issue with an area of the Livery interface that was causing an assert.
  • Fixed date label in TradeCargoMenu.
  • Fixed spacing in Crew Lounge so crew are not cut off at the bottom anymore.
  • Fixed “CQC Matchmaking” entry being brighter than other entries in Comms panel.
  • Set default focus to “starport services” on docking menu.
  • Fixed flow for searching CQC matches through on-foot comms panel side popup.
  • Updated on-foot comms panel to improve the categories list and chat notification, in order to have it work closer to that of the cockpit comms panel and avoid receiving messages from blocked players.
  • Added icon to the vitals in the “human” HUD to indicate when the player is taking cold/heat damage (unlike the HUD temperature warnings, which are based on the external temperature, this is based on the human temperature, as this determines if damage is being taken).
  • The galaxy map button and help button on the depot screen have been hidden, as they are not required here.
  • The “Drive Assist” toggle in the SRV right hand panel will now be correctly greyed out if the drive assist input is set to hold instead of toggle, matching the behaviour of Flight Assist for ships.
  • Fixed legality icons for multicrew matchmaking in on foot and cockpit comms UI.
  • Implemented a back button on the commander screen.
  • Added player notifications for livery equip and remove transactions.
  • Localised ‘battery at 20%’ notification.
  • Component icons have now been matched in the inventory to those in the bartender UI.
  • Control prompts now display the most appropriate bound input only, rather than all possible inputs.

Known Issues

  • Bookmarking settlements (odyssey or legacy) seem to not be working as intended anymore – bookmarked settlements appearing under systems.
  • Wanted status isn’t displayed anymore in system map.

For more on this particular update, you can visit the game’s official forums. Elite Dangerous is out now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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