Endless Dungeon: All Resource Types Explained

Master resources and outwit RNG gods!

by Davi Braid
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Although the game might seem simple during its tutorial phase, Endless Dungeon has many different collectible items and resource types.

In order to last longer in each run, it’s important to understand how to collect each of these resources and the optimal ways to use them. If that seems intimidating or overwhelming, don’t worry. It’s more intuitive than it seems.

Endless Dungeon Resource Types and What They Do

Image: Attack of the Fanboy
  • Industry: This resource is spent whenever you place a turret, so it’s often considered the most important one.
  •  Science: This resource is used to access new technology. You can unlock new types of turrets at Research Terminals as long as you can pay their Science cost.
  •  Food: This resource is used to purchase upgrades, weapons, and medkits.
  •  Dust: This rare resource is mainly used to power up dark rooms, allowing you to activate generators and place turrets.
  •  Cells: These are retained even after death. Once you return to the Saloon, you can use Cells to unlock weapons and character upgrades.
  •  Scraps: Similar to Cells, these are retained upon returning to the Saloon. Use them to improve the Saloon, which can grant you many different things, from more information about enemies to gameplay changes.

The primary resources – Industry, Science, and Food – are obtained each time a door is opened. Although you can break some items and get some points from interacting with objects, opening doors is the main way to get more resource points. However, be careful and remember that you might also find enemies every time you open a door, making the subsequent waves harder as a consequence.

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Dust is a rare resource and is mainly used to light up dark rooms. Using Dust isn’t always worth it and requires some good tactical thinking. For instance, if bugs must go through a dark room to reach your Crystal Bot, it might be a good idea to power it up and place a bunch of flame-throwing turrets.

Lastly, Scraps and Cells are used to purchase character buffs and Saloon upgrades. These improvements are significant enough to feel like progress but not enough to make the game feel much easier. They do make a difference, but you still have to think tactically, play well, and hope that the RNG gods are on your side.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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