Escape From Tarkov Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends

Just cover me while I go loot him.

by J.T. Isenhour


Nothing makes playing Escape From Tarkov easier than having a friend or four to back you up in a fight. From watching your back to flanking someone that has you pinned down. Nothing beats having a friend along for the ride. However, it can be pretty difficult to get into a raid with your friends if you can’t invite them. You would have to join a raid simultaneously and hope you end up in the same session. Let’s go over how you can play Escape From Tarkov with your friends.

How to play Escape From Tarkov with Friends

If you want to have your friends join you in a raid in Escape From Tarkov you will need to make sure you all pick the exact location and same time to raid. There are only ever two times available at any location so it shouldn’t be too hard to get into the same raid lobby. Once in the lobby, you will either need to set yourself as looking for group or find your friend’s username in the list of people to the right. You will then need to click on your friend’s name and select invite to group or have your friend do the same for you.


You can skip having to set yourself as looking to group if you have your friends added to your friend’s list in Escape From Tarkov. You can do this through the messenger on the main menu. Once you are friends they will always show up at the top of a lobby list if they are in the same lobby as you, even if they don’t set themselves as looking for group. Plus with them being at the top of the list every time, you won’t need to waste time scrolling through the list of names trying to find your friend.

Once you have them in your group, all you have left to do is to click ready and throw yourself into the raid. While you are waiting on the loading screen trying to get into a raid, you can check up on what’s happening in other games you play, like the new Dead By Daylight killer and what they do.

Once you get in a raid with your friend you do need to be careful that you don’t kill them in the middle of a fight. Since there is no way marker on your HUD that shows where your friend is. But if you don’t “accidentally” kill them you will need to make sure to secure all of the loot they had on them. If you need any more help with Escape From Tarkov make sure to check out our other guides.

Escape From Tarkov is available on PC.

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