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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 6.3.6 Patch Notes

A bite-sized update to tighten up 6.3.5

by Joshua Garibay


Update 6.3.6 has arrived for The Elder Scrolls Online, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This small update to ZeniMax’s MMO resolves issues related to the new Flames of Ambition DLC, as well as touches upon base game crash scenarios. While a far cry from the previous update, which introduced the game-changing Champion Points 2.0 system, the patch works on tightening up areas overlooked in the major overhaul.

The update weighs in at an extremely manageable 94.8MB. The small size will ensure time spent waiting to get back into the various adventures spread across Tamriel is minimal. Here’s everything new with The Elder Scrolls Online update 6.3.6.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 6.3.6 Patch Notes

Quests & Zones – ClockWork City DLC


  • The Shadow Cleft: Fixed an issue where Initiate Favar could get stuck in a wall.

Dungeons & Group Content – Flames of Ambition DLC


  • Black Drake Villa
    • General
      • The Bullseye achievement now correctly mentions it is achieved in Black Drake Villa.
    • Pyroturge Encratis
      • Corpses of Fire Behemoths are now consistently usable.
  • The Cauldron
    • General
      • The Curtain of Fire achievement now states the correct name of the ability which enables completion.
    • Oxblood the Depraved
      • Oxblood will no longer inexplicably turn to a random player during the impact of its Gore Rush ability.
      • Bile Globs can now be consumed as corpses even if Oxblood consumes them.
    • Taskmaster Viccia
      • Taskmaster Viccia’s traps will now correctly explode if you trigger them while blocking, though they will only stun anyone not blocking.
    • Baron Zaudrus
      • Corpses of Magma Daedroths, Magma Scamps and Watchlings are now consistently usable.

Dungeons & Group Content – Imperial City DLC


  • White Gold Tower
    • Molag Kena
      • Lightning Aspects will no longer get stuck in an unkillable state because of “leet DPS” during the shield phase.

Quests and Zones – Orsinium DLC


  • Awaken The Past: The Helm and Agra Crun will now display properly when placed.

Combat & Abilities


  • Fixed numerous issues involving improper removal of negative effects from player characters.
  • Expanded the prevention of being able to access abilities you should not have access to.

Art & Animation


  • Weapons can once again be visible when doing emotes.
  • Made an improvement to the stairs in certain Daedric ruins so you can walk up smoothly without having to jump at the top step.

Exploration & Itemization


  • Fixed an issue where the Flames of Ambition Coffer from the Undaunted merchant listed the incorrect Monster Mask sets in its tooltip.
  • Updated the tooltips of the Alliance War Skill Line Scrolls (including Major and Grand), Colovian War Torte, Molten War Torte, and White-Gold War Torte. They now better clarify that they do affect both your Alliance Rank and your Alliance Skill Lines.
    • Note that these items do not increase the AP you earn.



  • Fixed an issue that caused unusual lighting or weather in the interiors of Autumn’s Gate, Old Mistveil Manor, and the Golden Gryphon Garret homes.



  • Fixed a crash that could occur when certain AddOns were reloaded.
  • Fixed multiple rare crashes caused by the model system that could occur randomly.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur while logging out of the game.

Quests & Zones

Reaper’s March

  • The caravan in this area is now much less densely populated and gamblers won’t return as quickly if murdered.



  • Updated the copyright date on the opening splash screen to the current year.

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