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Everspace 2 – How to Save Your Progress

You can manually save, but it's a bit redundant.

by Brandon Adams


Everspace 2 recently released into Early Access, and eventually your save data will transfer into the full game. I say “eventually”, because ROCKFISH Games has confirmed there will be progression resets as the game is completed over the next year. There’s still over 25 hours worth of content to enjoy in this first stage of Everspace 2’s Early Access though, so you’ll still want to know how to save to avoid losing hours upon hours of progress.

You can manually save at hangers, and Everspace 2 autosaves whenever you land at one or enter a system.

Everspace 2 may be a PC game, but you won’t be able to mash the F5 key to save-scum your way across the galaxy. The game uses a relatively strict save system, so it’s important to understand how it works and when you’ll want to manually save your own data. Everspace 2 features an autosave system, much like most modern games. However, the game will only generate an autosave whenever you either dock at a hanger (or landing pad), or enter a system. Mission checkpoints generate a checkpoint save, but these are largely used as the name implies: to prevent you from starting an entire mission over upon death.

You can manually save your data and progress in Everspace 2, but only while docked. It’s a bit of a redundant requirement, considering the game autosaves once you land. Still, if you spend some time in station swapping out equipment, perks, ships, loadouts, and trading goods you’ll want to save before you leave, otherwise you run the risk of losing that work if you happen to meet an untimely death. ROCKFISH Games may ease up on this restriction in the future, but for now you’ll only be able to manually save from the main menu while you’re docked somewhere. You can load data from anywhere, however, so that’s nice.

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