Everything Included in the Wayfinder Exalted Founder’s Pack

Here is everything included in the Exalted Founder's Pack for Wayfinder.

by Christian Bognar
Wayfinder Exalted Founder's Pack
Image: Airship Syndicate

Wayfinder has hit early access, and interested players have the opportunity to claim the Exalted Founder’s Pack. This bundle is massive for the new MMO, and rightfully so, considering it costs a hefty price. This guide will cover everything included in the Exalted Founder’s Pack for Wayfinder.

What is Included in the Wayfinder Exalted Founder’s Pack?

While players can participate in the Wayfinder early access for $19.99, die-hard MMO fans can spend $149.99 and receive a gigantic bundle for the online game. Below we have compiled a list of everything included in the Wayfinder Exalted Founder’s Pack.

  • Wayfinder Early Access
  • 4200 Runesilver
  • Founder’s Season 1 Reward Tower – Premium Pass
  • Founder’s Season 2 Reward Tower – Premium Pass
  • 3 Wayfinder Tokens
  • Heroic Kyros, Epitaph Signature Weapon, and Ascendant Style Set
  • Wingrave’s Knight of the Throne Style Set
  • Niss’ Shadow Nation Style Set
  • Silo’s Firestarter Style Set
  • Exalted Dye Pack
  • Heroic Kyros Emote
  • Enchanted Tower Compass
  • Highlands Longma Mount and Saddle
  • Rimehunter Cub Pet
  • Charger’s Sickle Sword and Shield Skin
  • Stormsong Dagger Skin
  • Arcbolt Rifle Skin
  • Founder’s Housing Decoration Set
  • Founder’s Dye Set
  • founder’s Glyph Pack
  • Founder’s Evenor Acolyte Glyph
  • Founder’s Awakened Glyph
  • Founder’s Initiate Glyph
  • Founder’s Exalted Glyph
  • Founder’s Flags Profile Background
  • Founder’s Title (Wayfounder)
  • Founder’s Title (Original)
  • Founder’s Title (Crewmember)
  • Founder’s Title (Precursor)

As you can see, the Exalted Founder’s Pack for Wayfinder contains everything an MMO fan will love, such as unique titles, emotes, skins and cosmetics, access to premium passes, and more.

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Premium Passes for Wayfinder

Premium Passes are the best part of the Exalted Founder’s Pack. Premium passes included in the bundle will allow players instant access to certain characters and weapons. For example, season 1 will allow players to access Venomness immediately, along with her signature Nightshade weapon. The season pass will also give players access to all 100 items found in the Reward Tower.

The season 2 premium pass is still up in the air, and there has yet to be a confirmation on what’s included. It’s likely similar to season 1, where players will get instant access to a character, weapons, and items in the Reward Tower.

How to Claim Wayfinder Exalted Founder’s Pack

Claiming items from the Exalted Pack is as easy as checking your inventory when you’re in the game. Just a heads up, players have been reporting issues of the items in the bundle not showing up for them. Developers at Airship Syndicate took to Discord to discuss the issue and made users aware that it’s working to resolve it. If you purchase the Exalted Founder’s Pack and your items don’t show up in your inventory, make sure to send an email to the support team.

- This article was updated on August 21st, 2023

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