Evil Dead – How to Switch Weapons

A slight twist on changing weapons in Evil Dead.

by Chris Park


Evil Dead: The Game lets you use a bunch of different types of weapons to dismantle the undead.  At any given moment, you’ll have two weapons to use and toggling back and forth between them is essential to survival.  In this guide we’ll explain how this system works and how to switch between weapons in the Evil Dead.

How to Swap Weapons in Evil Dead

While a lot of games have a dedicated button to swap between weapons, the Evil Dead takes a more organic approach to swapping between your available arsenal.  But first, let’s explain the difference between ranged weapons and melee weapons.  Melee weapons are going to be things like hammers, knives, spears, and other sharp and blunt objects that allow you to get up close and personal with the undead enemies.

On the flip side of that are ranged weapons.  These are guns and the like which can be uncovered in the game.  Guns require ammunition to shoot, so you’ll need to make sure not wasting your shots, hence why it’s useful to be able to swap at will.  And you can, very easily.

Swapping weapons in Evil Dead works as such.  When you want to fire your gun, you need to hold the left trigger to pull up the aiming reticle.  When you are hold the left trigger you can then pull the right trigger to shoot.  However, if you aren’t holding the Left Trigger, the right trigger will function as the heavy melee attack button.  The Right Bumper button will also function as your normal melee attack button, but will not work if you are holding the left trigger.

So, anytime you want to swap between weapons in Evil Dead, this is basically controlled by the Left Trigger in the game.

Evil Dead: The Game is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, PC (via Epic Games Store) and the game is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

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