Evil Dead The Game: Each Demon Explained

Find out today which demon is right for you.

by J.T. Isenhour


Evil Dead The Game pits Ash Williams against the deadite demons. He doesn’t go it alone though, accompanied by other versions of himself from across the franchise and some other notable characters from the franchise. But we don’t care about all that, what about the deadites they will be up against. The high tier deadites that we control, who are they and what can they do. Players have had an idea of who we will control when playing as the demon side. So let’s go over who they are and what each demon does in Evil Dead The Game.

Each Demon in Evil Dead The Game Explained

The Demons in Evil Dead The Game vary a bit from how the survivors work, each demon can summon regular deadites, elite deadites, and the boss deadite which is the demon you are playing as. however, each demon also has two abilities that change depending on which one you are playing as. Let’s go over their specifics and how each one is supposed to be played


Henrietta, The Warlord

Henrietta is all about buffing her deadites to hit harder. Her spirit from ability will buff in an area around her and can carry over while she possesses anything.

  • Active skill – when activated this skill generates an aura around the demon player for a limited time that increases the power of surrounding evil units. It can only be activated when the demon player is in the spirit form but will continue to work if the demon player possesses another unit.
  • Belly Flop – Henrietta slams herself to the ground, damaging anyone within the shockwave.
  • Gas Leak – Henrietta leaves a trail of toxic gas behind her.
  • Granny Hug – Henrietta charges a survivor and grabs them, she squeezes the survivor’s head. This cannot be dodged. To break free, other Survivors must attack Henrietta.

Deadite Elite

  • Deadite Smash – The elite charges forward and smashes the ground, damaging anyone in the shockwave.
  • Big Swing – The elite swings in a 180-degree arc in front of itself, any survivor hit by this will take a lot of damage.


  • Puke – The Deadites projectile vomit, dealing damage to Survivors
  • Farewell To Arms – The Deadite rips off their own arm to use as a melee weapon.
  • Dodge – The Deadite can dodge melee attacks like a survivor.


Eligos, The Puppeteer

Eligos views all of the deadites as their personal plaything and enjoys possessing them. Eligos grants any unit he possesses more power in order to strike fear into the survivors.

  • Active Skill – Units you possess have more health, deal more damage, and their attacks increase fear in survivors they hit.
  • Telekinetic Surge – Eligos uses telekinetic power to immobilize nearby Survivors.
  • Casting Stones – Eligos launches rocks at Survivors.
  • Psychic Squeeze – Elighos uses telekinesis to immobilize and damage a Survivor. This attack cannot be dodged. To break the hold, other survivors must attack Eligos.

Deadite Elite

  • Thunderstruck – The elite marks the ground beneath each nearby Survivor. If they don’t move, they are hit by a lightning strike.
  • Duplicity – The elite conjures a clone of themselves with identical damage-dealing ability, but very low health.


  • Self Destruct – The Deadite can explode at will, inflicting great damage to anyone nearby.
  • Head Rush – The Deadite sacrifice themselves by throwing their own head at Survivors, causing an explosion.
  • Dodge – The Deadite can dodge melee attacks like Survivors.


Evil Ash, The Necromancer

You know you can’t have an Evil Dead game without Evil Ash. While it may have seemed appropriate to make Evil Ash the warlord he is the necromancer instead. Evil Ash is all about raising an army of skeletons and swarming the survivors with numbers they just can’t handle.

  • Active Skill – Evil Ash summons a skeleton flutist to buff all nearby units. The flutists can’t be possessed or moved in any way.
  • Skeletal Support – Evil Ash summons skeletons to help fight.
  • Skeleton Resurrection – Every Skeleton who dies within the aura’s effect area comes back to life.
  • Infernal Invigoration – Evil Ahs chokes a Survivor and heals for any damage the Survivor takes during this choke. This attack cannot be dodged. To break the hold, other Survivors must .attack Evil Ash
  • Dodge – Evil Ash can dodge melee attacks like a Survivor.

Elite Deadite

  • Trident Smash – The elite charges forward and smashes the ground, damaging anyone in the shockwave.
  • Trident Toss – The elite throws its trident, dealing heavy damage to anyone it hits.


  • Lunging Thrust – The Deadite lunges forward with its spear and causes devastating damage to anyone hit.
  • War Cry – The Deadite lets out a blood-curdling yell inflicts light damage and knocks back any Survivor within range.
  • Dodge – The Deadite can dodge melee attacks like Survivors.

That’s about everything each demon can do in Evil Dead The Game. While the foundations for each are the same, they all have their own little niche that they excel at. Play around with them and figure out which one you play the best with and then you can start to level them up and upgrade them to be stronger from the beginning of the match. If you need any more help with Evil Dead The Game make sure to check out our other guides.

Evil Dead: The Game is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.

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