Fae Farm Fishing Guide: All Locations, Seasons, and Rarities

Get all the right fish in all the right places.

by Alex Huebner
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Grab your rod and head to the waters to catch one of your greatest resources for food and money — fish. Fishing in Fae Farm is pretty simple, but there are many options for fishing locations and which creatures you can catch. Use this fishing guide to simplify your Fae Farm fishing experience.

Fishing Locations

There isn’t a shortage of areas to catch fish in while on Azoria. Pretty much anywhere there is water, there is a fishing spot. Here is where you’ll need to look:

  • River – When you open the map you’ll see the river flows from next to your first home through West Town, Town Center, East Town, Verdant Valley, and between Hazy Haven and Spooky Woods.
  • Ponds – These will contain the same types of fish as the river and can be found in various areas of Azoria.
    • Next to Drak’s Battle Dummies.
    • Outside Alaric’s house.
  • Ocean – At the southernmost part of the map is the ocean. You can fish from any part of it to get ocean fish that are different from the other locations.
  • Deep Sea – Go to the Saltwater Mines and swim straight out into the ocean. There will be boats and islands where you can catch different fish than the shoreline fish.
  • Fae – In the Elven Village there are several bodies of water to fish in and you will get different breeds here.
    • After you cross the bridge go left and all the way to the end of the path is a river that feeds into a pond, both have fish.
    • On the right after the bridge at the bottom of the stairs the river is accessible.
    • Continuing straight from this same path, there’s a pond at the bottom of the steps.
    • Behind the Market on the right is a river, follow it to the right and there’s a cove with fish in it.
    • Behind the Market to the left is a pond with many waterfalls flowing into it.
    • Along the right side of your Fae Acres.
  • Mountains – The rivers up in the mountain regions give you different fish than the lower rivers. There is also a mountain pond in your Frozen Farm.
  • Sea Food – Go straight out into the ocean from Eddy’s shop and there’s an island with a door that can be smashed with the Bash spell. Through the door is a dock where you can catch these new fish.

Fishing Chart

Catching a specific fish means looking in the right place, during the right time of year, and in the right weather. Here’s where and when to catch the fish you’re looking for. Bold and italicized fish are rare. Rare fish in Fae Farm are indicated by shining light and rainbow glow around them.

Early Fishing

Freshwater Fish

These are the river and pond fish you’ll find within the initial areas of Azoria.

FishSeasonTime of DayWeather
Black CarpSummerAnyAny
Blue CatfishAnyNightRainy
Golden CharWinterAnyAny
Rainbow TroutAnyNightAny
Redside DaceAutumnAnyAny
River CodSpringAnyAny

Ocean Fish

This list is strictly for those along the shoreline.

FishSeasonTime of DayWeather


Fae Fish

Once you open the Eleven Village you’ll have a whole new host of creatures you can catch, including these new fish as long as you have upgraded your fishing pole to a Sturdy Rod.

FishSeasonTime of DayWeather
Azure PixiefishAnyAnyAny
Painted GoldfishAnyAnyAny
Smallmouth BassAnyAnyAny
Tiny TealfishAnyAnyAny
Wigglevine EelAnyAnyAny

Late Game

Mountain Fish

As you learn how to navigate the colder areas of Azoria, there will be new pieces of the river in the mountains. You’ll need a Sturdy Rod to fish here.

FishSeasonTime of DayWeather
Black BassAnyAnyRainy
Northern PikeSpringAnyAny

Deep Sea Fish

While you can access this area at any point in the game, you will need to have a Master Rod to catch the fish out here. I didn’t do much fishing but found myself able to access these around the time I opened the Fae realm.

FishSeasonTime of DayWeather
Sea BassAnyAnyRainy

Seafood Fish

You’ll need to have the Bash ability on your wand to access the dock and a Master Rod.

FishSeasonTime of DayWeather
Bobtail SquidAutumnAnyAny
Humboldt SquidAnyAnyRainy
Spiny PufferSummerAnyAny
Spotted PufferAnyDayAny
Umbrella SquidSpringAnyAny

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2023

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