Fae Farm Flower Breeding Chart: How to Breed Hybrid Flowers

Grow your almanac and your color palette, too.

by Alex Huebner
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Bringing new colors in to customize your perfect home in Fae Farm requires breeding hybrid flowers. The flowers are key to getting specific dye for clothing, furniture, wings, and more. Once you know how to get all the hybrids, you can begin filling out your almanac and bringing more color to your game.

Complete the Floating Ruins

You’ll notice in the beginning that the only flower vendor you have, Rosalind, has just three flowers to choose from — red rose seeds, white lily seeds, and yellow tulip seeds. As you open the Fae region and complete the Floating Ruins this will change. You will now be able to buy blue hyacinth seeds, green zinnia seeds, and magenta trillium seeds from Asphodel in the Elven Village. With all the flowers unlocked you can begin creating all the hybrids by planting them in flower soil beds you craft on your farms.

Flower Bed Requirements

  • 1 Oak Log
  • 1 Silt
  • 1 Mulch

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Hybrid Flowers Color Chart

To make the hybrid flowers, all you have to do is leave a space between two different flowers to allow them to breed a new one in the middle. When you do this you could get either of the two flowers planted or a color mixed from the two. Use this chart to increase your chances of a hybrid color.

Flower ColorPlanted Flower Color 1Planted Flower Color 2
IvoryWhite Yellow

As you start to get more hybrid colors of each flower your almanac will fill in and you’ll even be able to use these new colors for some really cool items. My favorite is the new options available in the wing collection you can purchase and equip from the Wisp Mother so long as you have the right gemstones to go with it.

You will also need these hybrid flowers along with florins and a varied item to purchase other color palettes from various vendors throughout Azoria. This will give you more than the two palettes you start with, as a total of 24 are available. These dyes can be used for furniture, trim inside your home, clothes, and more. Have fun playing with color and good luck planting!

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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