How to Get Pink Flowers in Fae Farm | Flower Breeding Guide

Get your pink rose in no time.

by Alex Huebner , Diego Perez
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Whether you’re a true gardener who likes to grow all things, or you really just like to complete side quests, you’ll want to know how to make different colored flowers appear from the seed options you’re given at the beginning of Fae Farm, particularly pink ones. It’s a fun way to get more rare colors, which are worth more money, and look good on your plot. Get your tools ready, and let’s get gardening.

How to Get Pink Flowers in Fae Farm

It’s likely that you’re looking into this to complete Rosalind’s Pretty in Pink side quest. To complete the mission, you have to get a pink flower and return to Rosalind for your reward. All you have to do is plant red and white flowers and leave a space in between them for a pink flower to bloom. Check out the screenshot below for reference.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To grow flowers you will need a Flower Soil Bed, which is crafted from Oak Logs, Silt, and Mulch. The first type of plot you’re taught to make with Merritt is a Basic Soil Bed, which won’t work for this purpose since it only grows crops.

  • Oak Logs: Chopped from the larger trees around your farm with an upgraded Copper Axe.
  • Silt: Dug up from dirt mounds
  • Mulch: Found in piles mostly in the upper areas of the farm around the fog or barn. Requires a Copper Shovel.

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For a smaller flower bed design, I would go with three soil beds across and put different colored flowers in spots one and three like in the screenshot below.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In the next row down plant a third color in the middle, leaving spots one and three open. This will allow all your flower colors to mix and create new colors.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once the seeds are planted, don’t forget to water them. Tend to them every day, remembering to water and pick, and new flowers will fill in the gaps and develop new colors of flowers. When you go up to a flower, you will see a bubble pop up of which type of flower it is, with petals to the right of the different colors needed to be placed together to get that color.

What Are Flowers Used for in Fae Farm?

Besides quests, you will sometimes see the option to give a character a gift outside of a friendship or romance quest. Pyria once had Give Gift: Black Hyacinth listed when I was speaking to her. This would further your romantic or friendship connection, even when done outside of a quest.

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While they aren’t used for crafting a lot, you can also use them as one of the items needed to get the Floral Wallpaper from Rosalind’s Rose and Shine Flower Seeds store. The requirements are:

  • 100 Gold Florins
  • 1 Paper (crafted at a Loom)
  • 10 Pink Roses

However, the biggest thing you’ll need flowers for is to obtain different colors of wings from the Wisp Mother. Different-colored flowers also sell better than the typical colors. For example, a red rose sells for 15 Florin while a pink or orange rose sells for 25.

- This article was updated on September 13th, 2023

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