Fae Farm Scorched Caverns Guide | All Seals, Resources, and Materials

Don't get burned not knowing what's ahead.

by Alex Huebner
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Mining and solving the problems of the dungeons in Fae Farm really heats up once you reach the final mine, the Scorched Caverns. In the coldest region of the map, there’s a volcano with a mine inside. It is the final creature of the Wisp Mother’s and your key to unlocking the final farming area. Our Scorched Caverns guide will show you what to expect.

Fireproof Potions

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

As you can imagine, being inside a volcano is hot. Once you go inside your character begins to get hot, if they get hot enough they will begin to take damage. This is similar to the Floating Ruins’ Miasma effect and can be prevented with a Fireproof Potion. The Small Fireproof Potion can be made at a Potion Brewing Cauldron using two Frost Fuzz and one Snow Flake. Frost Fuzz is made from Frost Thistle at the Potion Ingredients Station and Snow Flakes are received from Critters at the Mountain Critter Conservatory.

All Scorched Caverns Seals

To make it easier to get through the Scorched Caverns, you’ll need to use the collected materials to create seals and place them on the pedestals to keep the floors unlocked. Here are the seals you’ll need if you want to know before you get there which to prepare.

1Orichalum Seal
2Orichalum Seal
3Orichalum Seal
4Orichalum Seal
5Hammered Orichalcum Seal
6Hammered Orichalcum Seal
7Hammered Orichalcum Seal
8Hammered Orichalcum Seal
9Engraved Orichalcum Seal
10Engraved Orichalcum Seal
11Engraved Orichalcum Seal
12Engraved Orichalcum Seal
13Gold Seal
14Gold Seal
15Gold Seal
16Gold Seal
17Hammered Gold Seal
18Hammered Gold Seal
19Hammered Gold Seal
20Hammered Gold Seal
21Engraved Gold Seal
22Engraved Gold Seal
23Engraved Gold Seal
24Engraved Gold Seal
25Open Once Reached

Scorched Caverns Ores and Gems

In all the dungeons of Fae Farm to get a specific ore or gem you will need to look at certain floors within the dungeon. The dungeons are randomly generated, so the exact location and number will be different each time. However, when you teleport you will see if there is a high or low number of the resource on the floor.

Orichalcum Ore1-13
Gold Ore10-24
Rough Ruby5-11
Raw Garnet9-15
Rough Diamond15-22
Rough Obsidian21-24

You’ll find Volcanic Ash on each floor and Fireweed and Flame Salts will begin to appear on floor seven. These resources will help with crafting in these final moments of the story as well.

Scorched Cavern Enemy Locations

These firey enemies of the Scorched Caverns will give you the heavier enemies a little earlier within the dungeon. Once they appear, they will begin to show up at random on any floor. After they’re defeated the items they drop are also randomized, so you won’t get the same things out of them each time.

EnemyFloorsItems Dropped
Gleaming Tresroar2-24Wood, Potions, Gems
Ember Eutats3-24Gold Ore, Potions
Clanky4-24Ores, Potions, Gems
Blamp7-24Gems, Potions, Volcanic Ash
Blocker9-24Wood, Potions, Ores

- This article was updated on October 11th, 2023

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