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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Download and Install Automatron DLC

| March 22, 2016

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Download and Install Automatron DLC GameGuides  Fallout Guide Fallout 4 DLC Fallout 4 Fallout

Fallout 4 fans finally have something new to check out in the Wasteland. Those who have put hundreds of hours in should rejoice at the chance to try out the robot customization that the Automatron DLC offers. However, some have been having trouble just getting the DLC to actually download and install, so here’s a qucik guide to help you out.

For this we referenced Bethesda’s own how to on the topic, giving players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC hints as to how to download and install the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC. The steps are pretty easy, but there have been problems along the way that give some players a lot of trouble.

If you are playing Fallout 4 Automatron on PC via Steam then do the following: Log in to your Steam account. Navigate to Library. Right-click on Fallout 4. Select View Downloadable Content. Ensure the Install checkbox is enabled for the Automatron DLC to begin the download. Note: you may need to uncheck and the re-check the box to ensure the download begins. This last bit is important, as I had to do it for both the Automatron DLC and the Fallout 4 Season Pass.

If you are playing Fallout 4 Automatron on Xbox One then do the following: From the Home screen, hold [RT] and press [A] to navigate to the My games and apps menu. Navigate to Fallout 4 and press [Menu]. Select Manage game. From the Ready to install column, select the Automatron add-on to begin the download.

If you are playing Fallout 4 Automatron on PS4 then do the following:From the PS4 menu, navigate to your Library. Navigate to Fallout 4 and press [X]. From the product page, select Related items. Select My add-ons. Select the Automatron add-on download icon on the left to begin the download.

Once you have the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC, you might need help getting started on the mission. Check out this guide for help there.

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  • Logan Caudill

    I just did the steps for PS4 the DLC did not show up in the related items section and I have the season pass

    • Andre Best

      Same here dude, this sucks..

    • Judy Cyran

      Same here. I have the season pass. Do we need to contact PS store? I bought it in Feb.

    • Penguinking

      “Sony is working to prop Automatron for the North American PlayStation Store. Will update as soon as we hear new information”

      That was posted about 15 min ago on Twitter. As if Sony didn’t have the luxury of delaying by an additional 13 hours, now they can’t even get it out on time for us. *Sigh* Not like we pay a yearly fee for them to actually get us content on time though, right? -.-

    • Mike M

      as someone how plays warframe alot this is nothing new for Sony to mess up an update release i kinda expected it.

      • Caleb

        When do you think it will be ready

        • Hunter Autry

          When ever Sony wants it to be ready. I hate to say it but even though they say they care about us, they don’t. They are a multi-billion dollar company that only cares about money, not the people who are the cause of all there income.

  • Rose Anthoney

    “Unable to access content” for PS4, after the release time. What is keeping me from getting the content I paid for?

    • Adam

      Your not the only one.

  • Movie Blue Diving Suit

    Same here Rose.

  • Rose Anthoney

    Anyone got an update yet? Is this a bug or are we just going to have to wait longer still?

  • Code

    I am on PS4 and am also unable to access automatron period. Not through the library or through the store.

  • Solo Dolo

    why did they lie to us it wud be available at 1 pm, im all for waiting till whenever just dont make me waste my time trying to access it, i want my money back tbh

    • Canadian Gamer

      Same here. It says the content cannot be selected at this time.

  • Hunter

    Do you have yo have the season pass to be able to play?

    • Beat Terrorist

      No, you can buy it separately.

    • Rose Anthoney

      You can buy just the dlc for $10.

    • Adam

      I have the Xbox One version. I already download the DLC. It still don’t have Automatron on my add-on menu.

      • Bob

        Same ??? i have no add on menu

  • Beat Terrorist

    No luck on the east coast, US. Pass was bought and the game is ready to go but “no content was found”.

  • No DLC here in CST. I wonder how much of a rebate Sony is going to give us?

    • Alister Kauth-Gregory

      Nothing … this shows they’ll take our money no problem but dont care about you

    • dalehurst

      You will be lucky if they don’t charge you extra… I’m also still waiting in CST…

  • Rose Anthoney

    Has anyone in America gotten the dlc without the time hack?

    • Hunter Autry

      How do you do the time hack? Does it work?

      • Rose Anthoney

        If you set the ps4 timezone to Australia’s, supposedly you could have downloaded it as soon as it came out. I’m not sure if this works, but the feedback on it looked positive. If you try it, let me know if it works. :)

        • Hunter Autry

          What is the Time Zone for them called?

        • Hunter Autry

          No, at least it didn’t work for me. Bethesda tweeted that Sony is working on it so maybe we will have it soon..

          • Rose Anthoney

            I just tried and got the same result.

  • CoalFoal

    1:57pm EST, still saying “This content cannot be selected at this time.”

  • Jinxed

    I’ve been waiting to download it as well. It’s almost two here and no dlc. Why is it so hard for some people to get their stuff together? Was looking forward to playing a bit of it before work. Guess I’m gonna have to wait :(

    • And think about how fast you night would have gone… You’d have a little bit of playing time in and really looking forward to getting home. Your shift would have been over in the blink of an eye. But SONY HATES YOU and they want your life to be miserable. Now your shift will seem like it’s a month long.

  • Sony= Japanese= Delayed DLC= Pearl Harbor 2.0= Time to whip out the fat man and little boy AGAIN!

  • xAnguishx

    i have the same problem i have the season pass but no DLC? some plz help

  • xAnguishx

    The Automatron release time for PS4 in the U.S. is 1PM Eastern on March 22nd. so a couple more hours guys!!! ENDURE!!!

    • Jinxed

      It’s 2:07 PM Eastern – March 22 and “This content can not be selected at this time”.

    • Rose Anthoney

      It’s after 2pm eastern time

  • matt


  • Solo Dolo

    i prob cuddve just downloaded the game on steam by now…psn: piece of shit network that’s not free anymore

  • matt

    and then sony said, ” you lil stupid a$$ b!T(H i dont give a fuuk about you!” f when i wanna play lol

  • Alister Kauth-Gregory

    Has sony said anything yet

    • G-funky7


    • Hunter Autry

      Besides that they were getting ready to prep it for the store.

  • chad

    Just got off the phone with the playstation store and they said it wouldn’t be available till 5 pm EST. I cancelled my order and they told me it would take 3 – 5 business days to refund my money.

    • Jinxed

      Thanks for the info Chad! Hopefully it’s reliable.

      • Chad

        What really pissed me off was they said it was under general maintenance and that was the reason for the delay. The lack off planning is what made me cancel my order.

        • chadthecrybaby

          are you a 78 year old man chad? lol

          • Rose Anthoney

            Did you create an account in spite of Chad?

          • Solo Dolo

            someones got a life

    • Solo Dolo

      thanks chad

    • Rose Anthoney

      Thank you for the update. While that news makes me want to strangle a kitten, I appreciate you as the messenger. Here’s hoping your refund comes in a timely manner.

    • but….but cancelling your order of DLC for a game you enjoy(?) just because of a small (lets be honest) several hour delay due to the platform its on instead of the games developer? I’m not really sure I’m understanding your motives here. you’re really that upset over having to wait a few extra hours that you’re not even going to experience it at all?

      • Rose Anthoney

        Honestly, more people should be willing to cancel due to a company releasing misinformation. It shows they need to be more professional. As it stands, holding onto your purchase and putting up with excuses shows that the company can promise whatever they like without proper follow through.

        • I hate to be the guy that says “as part of the game development community etc etc” but in this case its relevant. I’ve worked on quite a few titles for several companies, and the game development process is…..very liquid. There are so many things that can go wrong before a launch, even when a game is most certainly going to be ready for release it….often isn’t. (hence crunch time, which SUCKS) but in this particular case the game HAS released for the other platforms as promised. it honestly isn’t Bethesda’s fault that its not out yet on Playstation, and Playstation isn’t the one that will lose money on the refund. (I mean honestly it’s not going to hurt Bethesda either) It’s like if you bought new tires for a new car, and then you returned the tires because the car wasn’t ready yet. The tires are fine. :D

  • ronincharlotte

    BFD. Sony hates you? Yeah, right. A.) you bought a discounted season pass. Blind. Didn’t know anything about it most likely. Therr were no guaranteed dates and times. Its delayed 4 hours. Get a freakin life. Spoiled freaking brats.

    • yeeeeeeah the amount of fuss over having to wait a few extra hours is pretty staggering. Developers just cant win man. If the developers post a content release time and then have to push it back, people explode, but if the developers stay quiet about content release info people start saying things like “so I guess this game is dead now” or “the devs hate/don’t care about us because they aren’t giving the community any info, want my money back” (I’m looking at YOU Ark community) but in this case it isn’t even the devs..its the particular platform the game is on. the only thing dead these days is patience. XD

  • Bobby

    After speaking with playstation for two hours. it was stated that they a currently undergoing maintenance till 5:30 pm et and the download should be available after.

    • Bobby

      and now its Bethesda’s fault

      • Rose Anthoney

        They’re prolly going to keep throwing the blame around.

  • Rose Anthoney

    So, consolidating updates: a couple weeks ago, apart of Europe had a glitch that made the season pass free. Today they revoked all those purchases.
    It was supposed to be released in America at 1pmEST, but customer support has been contacted and says around 5-6mpEST it should be released. The reason for this has been given as “maintenance” and blame is being thrown between PlayStation and Sony and Bethesda, circulating over and over.

    • Rose Anthoney

      1. Psn glitched free season passes
      2. Decided to fix today
      3. Release changed to 5-6pm EST
      4. Blame Sony, Bethesda, AND PlayStation for this.

      • ErrorNinja

        Sony owns Playstation, they are not two separate entities.

  • Leo Couoh

    Robco Certified now for purchase.

  • Bailye

    Its Tuesday Sony maintenance day I called tech support they said because it’s Tuesday there updated PlayStation store and servers while also working on bugs in the dlc we are not going to get any rebate we might get it tonight if not tomorrow definitely

  • Caleb

    1 more hour stay strong people

    • colin

      1 more hour till sony fixes it?

  • Efernal Death

    4:12 Bethesda said is was good to go, Yet it still doesn’t appear in the menu.

  • dalehurst

    Just paid for and downloading mine now, hope it’s working for everybody!

  • confirmed – its available now on PS4. downloading as we speak.

  • colin

    I bought the season pass and entered the code a while back but can’t seem to find out how to download automatron without paying for it again. I’m on ps4 please help. I followed the steps but i don’t have anything that says my add ons.

  • G

    Having same issues with X-box one installation.

  • Adam

    I already download my Season Pass back 1 month ago & today I just download the Automatron DLC on my Xbox One. So WHY on my Add-Ons menu it says “NO CONTENT FOUND”??? Even I restarted my Xbox One console twice. I went back to make sure if it 100% download the content but it says it’s already installed. WTF???

  • colin


    • Rose Anthoney

      I bought the pass with the game. I had to click “purchase” and that’s when it registered it was already on the account.

      • colin

        It just wants me to enter my form of payment. I don’t have a paypal account.

  • sam s.

    it says “no content found” on xbox

  • EuropeanIdentity33

    Mine isn’t working for the xbox one. It accepted the code I put in and updated the content. Now I can’t find any trace of the dlc on my system or in the game. Any advice?

    • colin

      same is happening with me but on ps4. My sisters boyfriend advised me to call up the gamestop where i bought it from.

      • EuropeanIdentity33

        I just got off the phone with them actually and they told me that they don’t think the content for the xbox one has been released yet. So I don’t really know what to think.

  • Houston Mccarn

    It comes out on the 22nd in pretty sure. Was it in bethesda.

  • Houston Mccarn


  • Chase Arment

    I bought automatron and tried installing it.

    it went to 100% and i thought it was done, but when i checked the addons tab on fallout 4, there was nothing.

    no matter what i do, whenever i install automatron now, it won’t let me uninstall so i can try again, its broken and my xbox wont do shit. PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Rose Anthoney

      There were a few issues with Xbox users and delays with PlayStation users. Let me know if you need help still

  • Thebread wizzard

    hey I pre ordered fallout 4 and can someone tell me how to redeem my dlc

    • Rose Anthoney

      Did you manage okay?

  • Grant

    Please help! I downloaded the dlc using my season pass but when i start up the game the dlc won’t start i tried deleting the dlc and reinstalling it but it still won’t work. (xbox)

  • Spencer Ellis

    You have to be atleast level 15 and have a settlement in order for the mission to show up. Hope his helps

  • Spencer Ellis

    never mind wrong site

  • Charlie Jr

    I can download it but can’t install it

  • Charlie Jr

    I am in Europe an still nothing

  • Preston Chump Angel

    Hey, guys, what’s going on? When I got the game back in December 2015, I got this card in the package that says “Season Pass: All Access Granted.” I’m not sure what to do with it, and I need some help. It would be great if you guys could help me out! :D

  • Gus Lees

    I did this cause I have the season pass but it did not work. Add ons not on the main menu. What should I do?

    • Jarrett Crain

      Same here son dl the automatron says dl but can’t load….what a bunch of crap

      • Gus Lees

        Yeh man, I contacted Besthesda and Xbox both couldn’t help me

  • Young Wolf

    I live in Europe and It dosen’t show up in the related items

  • demoniclaw

    it is not there for me happens all the time I get a dlc pass I use it and any time the dlc does come out no dlc for me and no help all the info they link is not there I have the fallout 3 with the season pass but that is it

  • enzo alcuino

    where is the code located in the season pass

  • GamingGuide (GamesGuide)

    I did the steps for PS4 but it said nothing,Is there a way to fix this?

  • Dylan

    I got the season pass for Xbox one the day I got fallout and I put the season pass in my xbox and for some reason it still says I have to pay full price for the dlcs someone help me.

  • Blobmarket

    Same on Xbox nothing is showing up for ready to install

  • Tracy Morgan

    My PS4 is setup with 1 joint account (main account used for loading and installing dlc, etc) Then there are 2 guest accounts. One for the Miss and one for the Mr. I down loaded all of the dlc’s, plus the patch. All without a hitch and was able to play the Automatron dlc via the Guest 1 account. My wife logs into Guest 2 account, then proceeds to play. After a bit, I noticed none of the dlc’s settlement content (lights, furniture, decorations, etc) was showing up.
    I had her back out, close the app, then check the add on content from the main screen. It shows all dlc content as “not installed”. I can’t find anything on this on the web, anyone else heard of this problem and how to fix it?

  • Dylan

    Ok I have a question, if I wanted to start up a new game and want to put the dlc in the new game save on the ps4, how do I go about it?

  • Bear Smokey

    You all need to go outside once in a while.